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    Okay, I'm gonna catch some more shut-eye! I woke up way too early this morning, definitely not for my own good. I'm feeling the fatigue. I'm gonna cuddle back up with my roommate and sleep for a couple of hours. Screw going to my first class, man. I'll go ahead and skip that for today; I can afford it. This is why you always make friends in your classes, so they can tell you what's going on when you miss a class! I don't know what I'm gonna do for breakfast. I guess I could make something here, since I don't really feel like going to the dining hall. I've got enough stuff in the fridge to make myself an omelet. That could work, right? We'll see what happens. I'll probably be around this weekend to chat a little bit. I love you lots, man!

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    This is the game that I played. It's freaking weird, man. It's a total acid trip of a game. Heck, I wonder how crazy it would be to play this on acid. I bet it would be so weird. I like obscure little games like this, because I like to see people put their passion in games, without trying to appeal to investors. Now to be fair, there's plenty of games out there, especially on Steam, where some developers just asset flip other people's stuff 100% (which is why they can't charge for it), so it's not always imaginative. But those asset flip games are usually incredibly boring, or lazy, so thankfully those don't get too much attention. But games like this is where it's at, because it's a unique thing that these people made, and it's certainly unlike anything that I've ever played before. I'm happy that I decided to play this game, for what it's worth.

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    It's been six years since this teaser came out, but man do I still feel the disappointment! I've had a serious disdain towards Konami for their decision to cancel this game, along with other missteps, in order to focus on stupid pachinko machines. Ugh, what a bunch of morons. I totally understand why Guillermo Del Toro was so pissed off at them for cancelling Silent Hills. I bet Norman Reedus was disappointed when it got cancelled, too, since he was supposed to be the titular character. Thankfully they got to participate in Kojima's Death Stranding, which was a good game. I feel like Silent Hills could've traumatized me unlike any horror game I've ever played before. This teaser is still hard for me to play all the way through, because it is scary as hell. It's such a good use of atmosphere and mood, and it really adds to that feeling of absolute dread.

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    This is the final teaser! I'm so ready for the finale of Star Wars: Resistance! It's been a fun ride, but now it's coming to an end! I hope that the show goes out with a bang! The VFX in this teaser looks good, and I hope the dogfight in space is fun! I'm assuming that Kaz and The Colossus are going to rescue Tamora from the First Order. I'm sure she'll be able to get out of there. I don't think either Agent Tierny or Commander Pyre are gonna survive this, though. It's time for them to meet their maker, as it were. I'll make sure to watch it when I can. I wonder if Kazuda and The Colossus crew will join up with the actual Resistance? I hope so. It's a shame that it's ending so early, but that's okay. I enjoyed it while it lasted, and that's what really matters in the end. Besides, The Clone Wars is coming back in February, so I'll have another animated Star Wars show to keep me busy!

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    So, for my outfit, I'm keeping it warm! It's been so freaking cold. It makes me want to not get up for class at all (I'm better than that). I'm wearing one of my comfortable tank tops, and of course, I'm sticking with a training bra. I'm wearing one of my thick hoodies over it (it's white; it has black Japanese letters on the arms), and it'll keep my upper body warm! I'm wearing one of my pairs of black jeggings, since I don't feel like dealing with the stiffness of jeans. For shoes, I'm wearing my ugg boots! I'm going with my mid-calf ones, that's bow-tied and has a plush sockliner. It feels like I'm stepping into a bundle of clouds! I might slip into my peach-colored hi-top Vans after class, since those are pretty cool. For socks, I'm wearing Nike Elite socks! I'm slipping on my Arizona Ice Tea print ones; they look so cool! They make my feet look awesome! I love curling my toes into 'em; so comfy! I'm leaving my hair down, and I'm wearing contacts.
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    Saturday, I'm hanging with my homeslice Cody! We've made plans to get IHOP together that morning, but I might be wrestling with a hangover. I'll do my best to wake up! I'm still up for eating a stack of buttermilk pancakes! I've barely seen him at all this week, so I'm happy to hang with him for a whole day! I'm spending the night over at his place, so I'll be there until Sunday morning. I'm seizing his bed for that night! We're going to play video games and be lazy together. It's gonna be a good time! I love being lazy with him, especially playing video games all day. It's gonna be nice to kick my feet up and relax. He and I are gonna order a large pizza for dinner; so I'm gonna enjoy stuffing my face with pizza slices! I'm gonna do some homework that I've gotta do over there, since it shouldn't take me very long to do. I have nothing in particular planned for Sunday, but I can probably just hang out with my roommate or something. I'll figure it out, dude.
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    So, I've got a full weekend ahead of me! Of course, there's classes I have to get through today, though it shouldn't be too bad. I've got plans with my roommate tonight! We're gonna go out and eat dinner together; we're eating crawfish! It's gonna be nice eating together, and stuffing our faces with delicious seafood! I'm 100% ready for it, man! The four of us are going to the theatres to see The Turning! It's a horror film, and we're always itching for horror stuff, so that's what we are gonna do! Hopefully we'll be alone. We're sneaking in snacks, but I am buying one of those kid's meals too; it's bang for my buck! Hopefully it will be slightly entertaining. We've got more green, so we're gonna get high. It's just the usual, smoking it up in the bathroom type of stuff. We're gonna sleep together in the main room. Monopoly is on our minds! That's always fun when we're giggling up a storm, so I'm up for it! I'm gonna make margaritas for us, so there's that.
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    She settled on top of me, and I let her back between my legs. I sighed, lying my head back on the pillow. I wrapped my legs around her waist, and we buried our faces into each others necks. I was rubbing circles into her back. We stayed like that for a good bit, catching our breaths and holding each other. We recovered, and we snuggled up in bed. We tangled our legs and feet together, and I did bury my face into her chest. I don't remember falling asleep, but I did at some point. It was a fun night! She's seriously one of the bestest friends I could ever ask for. I seriously don't know what I'd do without her here, as I spend so much goddamn time with her. We ended up a tangled mess in the morning, and she slept on top of me. I had to wiggle my way from underneath her, so I didn't wake her up, and I had to untangle my feet from her own. I scooted myself from underneath herself, and now I'm just laying here, curling my toes into the bedsheets, and typing away at my phone like a maniac.
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    She kept pressing her forehead on mine, making us both giggle. I got an edge over her, when I was able to get her into a triangle hold, wrapping my legs around her neck. I moaned and curled my toes together, fighting her efforts to get out of my hold. I held on as best as I could, and it was seriously the hardest thing, 'cause she was really difficult to put up with. I yelped when she did push my legs apart, and she pounced back on top of me. She knocked me into the headboard, and she gave me a pillow I could brace my head with, laying back on top of me. She and I were panting, and I kept my legs around her waist, curling my toes into my soles, as she kept on roughing me up. I laid my head back onto the pillow, feeling the fatigue course through me. I went ahead and gave up; I waved the white flag! She stood on her knees, straightening her hair out, and then collapsing next to me. We laid in silence, panting and catching our breaths. I did link my fingers along with hers.
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