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    Okay, I'm gonna bounce! It's time for me to get started with my shower! There ain't much better than showering in the morning. I'm gonna scrub myself until I smell like fresh lemons! I've got plenty of time to relax, so I can enjoy myself. I'm 100% gonna be standing on my toes, and keeping my face in the running hot water! That's always nice, and it helps wake me up when I'm too sleepy or groggy. I'm also gonna shave ze legs, since it's time. I gotta keep 'em smooth, dude. I hope that Saturday treats you good! You make sure to kick yout feet up and relax, whenever you've got the chance. Don't be a meanie to your psyche! I'll try to pop in here periodically (if I can), and we can chat for a little bit if I see you around the forums. I hope to talk to you soon! I love you so much!

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    I don't think you know about this, but TROS was planned to be a very different movie, showing by this concept art leak! Colin Trevorrow was originally slated to direct Episode IX, but Lucasfilm went with J.J. Abrams again due to creative differences. While Colin's typical writing isn't anywhere close to good, I do like a whole lot of the ideas in these leaks. The First Order's occupation of Coruscant, is by far my favorite concept idea. I hate that Disney is so afraid of using Coruscant. It's one of the best things that the prequel brought to the fold: a bustling planet with lots of beings! It's stupid how they ignore it. This concept art also showed Finn leading a stormtrooper revolt on the lower levels of Coruscant, and I love that. It would've given FN-2817 an actual character arc that had meaning, instead of him yelling "Rey!" over and over. Oh, what could've been.

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    I am interested in the new Regis that Game Freak is developing for Sword and Shield's DLC content! My thoughts on their $30 DLC aside, I would like to see how they are. Is it gonna be like Regi-Electric and Regi-Dragon? That doesn't exactly roll off the tongue that well, does it? I hope they lock them behind puzzles. The one really cool thing about the Regis, is that they tend to be sealed away, and locked behind braille puzzles. It's an interesting method to make the pathway to a Legendary Pokémon challenging, so I hope they keep it up. The legendary bird trio also looks interesting, since they are in warped versions than their original. I wonder what the in-game explanation for that will be? My girlfriend's gonna get the DLC, so hopefully it improves the game for her, because she agrees with me that the content available in the base game is severely lacking.

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    I'm gonna make us both fish for lunch, as I've got salmon that I can cook. It'll be a good ol' treat, and I usually don't get to cook for him, so I'm excited to do that. I am gonna bring along cans of soup that I got, and I can make that for us, too! It'll be a good meal, at least. I don't know when I'll do that; we'll probably have a late lunch. It's gonna be a lazy day, so that's about the most effort I'm gonna put in. I'm bringing along junk food with me, though. That's always a must when you stay inside all day and play video games. I'm gonna bring a case of Mike's Lemonade with me, that we both can drink. I'm not planning on getting drunk, so I will do my best to keep it as light as possible. I'm gonna bring some of my comfortable blankets with me, 'cause I want them, and it'll be nice to lie on for the both of us, when we're laying on his bed together. His blankets are plenty comfortable, though, so I'm not complaining about that.
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    I'm super excited to hang with Cody today! I've already got pajamas set aside in my bag, that I'm taking with me. It's fluffy pajama pants (plaid orange ones), and a comfortable T-shirt that I'm gonna wear. I'm bringing along boxers (yes, I've got boxers) and a fresh training bra, since I want to be 100% comfortable for the day. I'm not planning on leaving, after we get back from IHOP, so it'll be just fine! I'm slipping into my pajamas once we get back from stuffing our faces with pancakes. For socks, I'm bringing a few of my pairs of winter socks along with me. I'm 100% gonna wear my fluffy dog ones, since they're so freaking cute, not to mention how freaking good it feels curling my toes into 'em. We're gonna be a couple of pajama-wearing fiends! It's gonna be a good day for the both of us. I must say, I can't wait to have that pizza tonight, and stuff my face with a bunch of slices! I can already taste it.
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    I was a mess, my hair was ruffled and, and I had strands of hair sticking to my forehead. So was hers; she was just as much of a tired mess as I was. I love our stupid wrestling matches! It's tiring, but it's plenty worth it. She's such a good friend. I wrapped my arms around her neck, and she settled back into me, shifting her hips to make herself more comfortable. I sighed at this, closing my eyes and resting my head back onto the pillow. She nuzzled my nose, before she buried her face into my neck. I pushed her to get up, so she could pull a blanket over us, and we got back into the same position. That's the last thing I remember. We slept like this, but she did roll off me. But of course, she ended up rolling back, but like, over my chest, so she was in a super odd position. She's gonna be spending time with her boyfriend today, so I'm happy for her. She'll have a good ol' time! We agreed to hang on Sunday, since neither of us had anything planned. Hoo-rah!
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    She held onto my leg, so I struggled to break free. I collapsed my head back onto my pillow, panting and defeated! I curled my toes, giggling and enjoying myself, despite her fairly rough treatment. She was loving it too, chuckling in-between her heavy breaths. She grabbed my ankle (being careful to mind my ankle bracelets) and she swept my legs to the side. I physically checked out, so I basically let her straddle me. I dropped my head back onto my pillow, closing my eyes and panting. I relented and gave her the win, and she beamed happily. I rolled my eyes, and I let her settle back between my legs. We buried our faces into each other's necks, making each other giggle. I rested my heels on her lower waist, curling my toes, and occasionally rubbing my feet together. I dug my fingers into her back, and she was playing with strands of my hair. We caught our breaths, nearly falling asleep like we were. I beamed at her when she got up and looked at me.
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    I managed to wrap my legs around her neck, locking her in a triangle. I collapsed my head on my pillow, moaning in frustration when she tried to untangle my legs. I skillfully flipped her onto her back; straddling her as best that I could. I held onto her arms, steadying my balance on my toes. I didn't last long, 'cause she bucked her hips with strong force, so I couldn't keep my footing. I moaned; struggling to put up with it. I fell back, and she pounced on top of me. We kept it going, tiring ourselves out. I watched her smirk back at my toes curling behind her; whenever I'd have to put up with rough treatment. She pressed her forehead on mine, nuzzling my nose before we kept going. She was more rough with me, making me scrunch my eyes shut. I gaped my mouth and panted! I wrapped my arms around her neck, moaning as I struggled, saying "This is the best you can do, huh?" in a mocking tone. Then, she swiftly forced one of my legs onto her shoulder, making me moan in astonishment.
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    We didn't finish our Monopoly game, 'cause the four of us idiots were too messed up to keep going. We laid on the floor, laughing and losing ourselves. It was such a good time! My other two roommates eventually passed out, but Maddie and I managed to stay awake, mostly because we were annoying one other, and playing footsie. Maddie and I went ahead and scurried back to my room, so we could sleep. We (of course) didn't sleep right away, 'cause I teased her to wrestle with me, beaming at her. She caught on quick! She pushed me back onto the bed, and she climbed on top of me. She parted my legs dramatically, making my breath hitch. I sighed when she settled between my legs, and I soon wrapped them around her waist. It wasn't much of a wrestling match; it was more of midnight madness! We made each other pant; grunting and moaning when we'd rough it up. We never stopped giggling. I made her moan irritably, whenever I'd squeeze my legs, curling my toes when I did. Hardy-har.
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