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    I hope that this afternoon treats you well! Don't forget to relax and kick your feet up, you hear? Don't push yourself too hard today.
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    This weekend ain't over, my friend. Lots of fun still to be had in these last 36 hours or so! Let's do it! So, we might go out for dinner tonight, but that's not for certain. I dunno, we will see what happens. But for now, I'm having fun lazing around with her.
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    Finish that chem homework! Thankfully, I didn't have anything super excessive for homework, so that's been out of my mindset for a good while now. It's only the first week, so what can you expect?
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    Okay, I'm gonna bounce! I need to get going with my shower, so I can wash myself up good (I wanna smell fresh), and I can slip my new pajamas on, as well as my comfy winter socks! I'm gonna be quick about it, since I'm gonna make breakfast for everyone, but I'm still gonna stand on the tips of my toes, and let the water wash over me for a while. I can certainly enjoy it, even for just a little while. I've got eggs, bacon, and sausage to make! My roommates will totally be happy about that, being able to wake up with a meal waiting for them to eat. They are all passed out, so it's just me awake right now. I couldn't even wake up my roommate with me rustling the bed. I'll talk to you later, my dude. I hope that you have a good day today! I'm glad my suggestions are helping you kill it at the club! I love you lots!

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    We're also gonna screw around with makeup and our hair and such, and I'm gonna paint my nails again. I let her pick the colors I'd wear, and she'd like to see me with light green and light pink, so that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna half-and-half it for each of my nails, and fade the colors in the middle (so it has a blur contrast). But I don't want to be too distracted, since I want to make progress on my games. Of course, there's gonna be wrestling in order today as well, which is a given, since we're planning on spending the whole day together. We might get tipsy later tonight; we'll see! I'm staying in my pajamas, but I'm putting on new ones. I'm gonna stick with fluffy pajama pants (they are plaid; black and white), as well as a long-sleeved shirt. For socks, I'm going with my comfortable winter socks! The ones I wanna wear are my pair with the dog ears! It feels so good curling my toes into 'em. My hair is a mess, not from our tussling, but from our chaotic sleeping.
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    So, my plans for today have changed considerably. So, when my roommate and I were cooling down with each other, we talked for a while, and basically she just told me that she wanted to hang with me for tommorow, and not have to deal with anyone else, for the most part. She's in a stint with her new boyfriend (it's not anything abusive, just couple things), but she said she'd really appreciate it if I could just chill with her. It didn't take me long to say yes. My boys will be fine with out me; lots more people are gonna be hanging out with me, anyways. So I agreed, and she practically crushed me with a hug. So we're not intending to go anywhere for the for today, though I'm not ruling that out entirely. What we wanna do, is kick up our feet together and relax, and play video games. However, I am making breakfast for the four of us fools this morning. My roommates also gonna make another ankle bracelet for me, with purple and white string (school colors!)
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    This let her get out of my embrace, and she quickly pushed my legs aside and sat on my stomach, effectively straddling me. I tried my best to get her off, but no matter how much I tried to buck my hips, she kept herself firmly in place. I was tired, panting hard, and with my hair all messy and strands sticking to my head. I laid my head back, breathing hard and accepting my defeat. She was panting too, but she enjoyed gloating on top of me. She picked me up, and we sat up togehter on the bed, catching our breaths for good. It was a good match, and I put it more effort than I thought I would. We hugged a bunch, and we decided to just stay here in bed. We put the pillows and blankets back, and we snuggled, once we talked more and she and I were totally cooled off. We were tangling our legs and feet togehter underneath the blankets. We were even playing footsie togehter after a while, rubbing our feet togehter. Which by the way, felt nice in a good way, since we were still up there.
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    She broke them apart with her grip again, but I managed to flip her over and straddle her, as difficult as that was to do. I didn't keep that position for long, since she flipped me on my back soon enough, and I was back at square one. She picked me up off of the bed, stood on her feet, and even knocked me into the wall behind the headboard a bit (gently enough), before throwing me back on the bed. I kept my legs wrapped around her the entire time, never letting my grip falter. We were tired at this point, both of us panting. With the amount of times we pressed our foreheads together, we were sweating. We put a lot of work into it, and we got ourselves tangled in a bmuch of mess, knocking the blankets off the bed, with our chaotic tumbling. The pillows were gone after she kept knocking me back into the bed. It was a tough one, that's for sure. Eventually she broke my legs with her hands again, sweeping her arms under my knees.
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    It was a fine match, if I must say so myself! It was certainly one for the books. Despite both of us still enjoying our highs, we still went at it like we usually do. I was grabbing her arms, but she always pushed me onto the bed, whenever I'd try to get her situated. She was fairly rough with me, but I didn't care. I wanted her to, anyways. She stood on her feet, pushing backwards to get me to push my legs apart, but I extended them and kept them wrapped, grunting and curling my toes together. She moaned with annoyance when she failed to get me to break, and I smiled in satisfaction. She actually managed to straight up unlock my legs with her hands, making me moan in shock, so we tussled around the bed, tumbling on each other to retain our positions. I ended up on my back again, and I managed to wrap my legs around her waist. I got the upper hand for a bit, when I moved my legs up to her neck, wrapping them around as best as I possibly could.
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    My favorite roommate and I stayed up for a while, huddling together, when we turned on the TV for our enjoyment, with the slight snores of my roommates behind us. We just kept on leaning on each other. Eventually, we did decide to wrestle, and despite my tired demeanor, I was still up for it. We took it back to my room, but she gave me a piggypack ride back there, since I was insistent. When she carried me to the foot of my bed, she threw me on the bed. It doesn't hurt to be thrown on a pile of blankets and comfortable pillows! I kept my legs open, and inched up to the headboard, and bracing my head with a pillow. She got on her knees, and slipped her socks off her feet, while she undid her ponytail. She did all of that quickly, since she was as excited as I was. She settled herself between my opened legs, which I happily wrapped around her, resting my heels on her lower waist. We got ourselves comfortable, and she adjusted her hips to get in position. We were both ready, dude.
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