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    That wasn't the funniest skit for me, but it was pretty good.
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    We turned on Spongebob after we got done with watching all of that. I put on my pug slippers and slid to the kitchen, and made us both mugs of hot cocoa (with marshmallows). So we were plopped down on our stomachs, sipping on chocolatey goodness. Once we were done with that, we called it a night and went to bed. I'm going to be studying in the library today, and going to my study group this afternoon. I'm also spending time with my friend, and playing video games with him. I will be back in time for pizza tonight. It should be an okay day. It's cold as heck today, but I really don't feel like bundling up. I'm gonna wear a T-shirt, and skinny jeans. I'm wearing my letterman jacket over it, so I'll have warm pockets to stuff my fingers in. I'm wearing just a regular pair on converse sneakers, since I feel like wearing them. I've got these orange and green no-show weed socks I can put on. Those are pretty comfy on the cold. My ankles will be exposed to the cold, but oh well. I'll live.
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    First we watched a bunch of the SNL clips that they posted. I think this was a pretty good episode. Don Cheadle is pretty funny. My favorite skit by far was the cake one. That had us both dying laughing! The Walking Dead episode was kinda meh. It was pretty slow. Not much happened, expect for the Alpha and The Whisperers showing up at the end. Man, I've come to despise Henry. He's the worst character on the show. So annoying, and I hope he kicks the bucket soon. I'm kinda weary on Alpha, since her accent is kinda thick (sounds like she's saying, “I am AL-PHUHHH”). But she looks pretty creepy, and I'm excited to see how they develop her character moving forward. I enjoyed SW: Resistance. It's getting closer and closer to the Force Awakens. It was cool seeing more buildup to the First Order's galaxy-wide takeover. So cool! They've destroyed a lot of planetoids. Were they practice tests for Starkiller Base? Or were they strip mining operations? I'm assuming it's the former.
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    Eventually, my roommate knocked on my door, and I let her in. She was just asking if we could hang out again, which I gladly accepted. She just got lonely being by herself and wanted to hang with me. So we just both buried ourselves underneath my blankets, just facing each other and talking about whatever came up. I was giggling a bunch, still dealing with my high. I'm glad she's dealing with her breakup okay. She's such a sweetheart, and I don't like to see her in a bad mood. Thankfully I'm always able to cheer her up. My humor is advantageous. Plus, I was being extra stupid last night, since my mind was up in the clouds. My stomach started growling, and I went and grabbed myself some sushi (spicy california rolls) from the fridge. So spicy and delicious! ^-^ I poured myself some lemonade that our other roommate made, and we both were taking sips. I was going to watch my shows again (SW: Resistance and The Walking Dead), so we just decided to watch them together.
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    I washed my hair and my body, scrubbing soap all over. I plugged the drain in and let the water fill up to my shoulders. I put one of my bath bombs in to spice it up a little. I was enjoying laying back and curling my toes in the bubbles. ^-^ I felt pretty good. I turned on my music, and I was submerging my face into the water, listening to the distortion of the vocals. It's pretty awesome. But all good things must end. Once I got done bathing myself, I hopped out. I threw on my pajamas, and stumbled back to my room. I buried myself under my blankets. I was mushing my face in my pillows like an idiot. Plus, I was enjoying curling my toes into the bedsheets. Oh man, how I love doing that. It feels so good when I'm high. I was sighing with bliss because it felt so soft. It's definitely one of my guilty pleasures. It's the little things in life that keep you going, am I right? It's good that I've got pretty sensitive feet. I just felt awesome all-over. ^-^
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    I put on some clothes. We went to see Alita: Battle Angel. It was an okay movie. Besides the CGI effects, it’s nothing particularly special. It’s just those big eyes of hers are just so freaking uncanny. The three of us got dinner from Urban Bricks, and I ordered the 6-piece chicken wings (with sriracha sauce and ranch). We took our food back to his place, and then we got high. He had a 'cookie’ that we split between us. At first I was like, “this is whack!”, but then it kicked in like a freight train. Oh man, I felt so awesome. I was feeling tingles all over! My head was heavy, and my mind was swirling into a spiral. Soon all three of us were giggling like morons. We ate our dinner, and man, those were like the best wings I've ever tasted! I ate every little piece of meat off those bones. I eventually had to split, and I said my goodbyes and stumbled back to my room. I hopping in the shower, but I had to sit down. Couldn't stand up, since I kept wobbling.
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    We stopped by IHOP, and we ate breakfast together. I was telling him about my night, and moaning because my head hurt. I ordered pancakes, bacon strips, and eggs. Thankfully my stomach felt okay, so I was able to keep my breakfast down. I was content stuffing pancakes in my mouth. Not my most flattering manners, but I honestly didn't care. We got to his place, and we played video games. We sat on his bare mattress for a while, because he had morning sex with his girlfriend, and he threw all of his bedsheets in the washer. Took turns playing Battlefront II (I got Count Dooku!), and the Resident Evil 2 Remake. We played some DOOM as well. I wore myself out trying to stay up, and I curled up in his bed and passed out for like an hour or so. Cody's girlfriend showed up after I woke up. She and I were talking and stuff; I was doing her hair for her. I painted my nails again, and I painted my nails the same mismagius-texture that I had before. My fingers and toes look pretty sweet!
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    It couldn't of been that good, girl. But others had sex too, that night. Lucky bastards. I'll get my fill soon enough! I played cards with one of the guys that I started talking to, and I ended up drinking a few beers. I was pretty messed up, and my mind was swirling like crazy. I eventually had to call it quits, since I couldn't keep myself focused anymore. I got to sleep in one of the free bedrooms, and I kicked off my slippers and mushed my face into the pillows. I crashed like a car on the highway. I very vaguely remember dreaming about fighting ghosts with my fists. I woke up early, because this girl was getting her brains screwed out by one of the guys. It was right above my head, too, and the bed kept knocking on the ground. It's always so fun getting woken up by loud moaning. I just kept my PJ's on, and slipped my pug slippers back on my feet. I forced myself to get up, and I gathered all of my crap. I called Cody and he picked me up.
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    I mostly talked with the girls, but we were going off the walls just as much as the boys were. : A few of them were making out with some of the guys that were there. Made me feel kinda awkward (PDA makes me ick). Later on we were drunkenly slapping a beach ball around the jacuzzi. That was pretty fun. We were in there for like an hour and a half. I ended up getting out and going inside with some other peeps, and I watched some of them play ping pong (but they were drunk as heck, so they sucked at it). I eventually got too cold, and I went ahead and took my shower, washing my hair. I had to sit down, since I was too drunk to stand properly. I put on my pajamas and my pug slippers (I brought this pair with me), and stumbled over to the main room. I was talking to a few other girls, but I stopped talking to one whe. her boyfriend started kissing her, and they were in a full-blown make-out session. They scurried away upstairs to screw, and everyone could hear them banging.
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