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    I gotta bounce! I'll talk to you later. Have a spectacular Wednesday!

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    Oh, JK Rowling.

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    For my outfit today, I'm going to bundle up a bit, since it's gonna be cool at Six Flags for today. I'm going to wear my hoodie, and I'll put on a tank top underneath it. I've got a pair of black skinny jeans with my name on them! For shoes, I'm gonna wear my mid-calf converse sneakers. I've brought one of my pairs of sundance socks, so I can put those on. There ain't much that beats having comfy socks for my feet. I'll have softness and warmth to wiggle my toes into. So good. ^-^ I'm (obviously) going to ride all of the big rides that I can. Here I come, roller-coasters! Mall shopping is gonna be fun, too. I can't wait to go back. I'm gonna limit drinking tonight, since I've been getting drunk for days on end, and I need to cool it. We're still gonna swim in his pool, though. This time, we are going out to a Japanese grill for dinner. Just the three of us. I can't wait to stuff my face with fried rice.
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    Oh, you're meeting your laywer today? That's cool. Every litrle bit of progress helps. Hope your haircut goes well. I need to cut my hair as well. It's getting a little too long. I'll to that later on, at some point. But I ain't gonna cut too much now.
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    Ah, shoot. Sorry I missed you. I'll probably be gone in about an hour or so. We've got to start driving to Six Flags.
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    They left for a bit, and I crawled over to hang with the group. Which was fun, even if it was difficult for me to concentrate. I did go out looking for Cody at one point, and I stumbled out into the garage, but he was too busy pounding his girlfriend into his carseat, to talk with me. I did stumble back inside, and I tripped like three times on the way. I dragged myself to the backyard, and I chilled out with the two peeps I was talking about, and they helped me sit upright. We were talking about random ****, and I was giggling like a complete moron. I was just totally out of it. I apparently ended up passing out on homie's shoulder (I don't remember), and he put me on the couch to sleep. I have an annoying headache, but I'm not going to let that ruin me. We've got things to do today. Cody, his girlfriend, and I are going to Six Flags in Arlington, TX for most of the day, and then we're gonna hang around The Galleria in downtown. I'm gonna do a bit of shopping.
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    First of all, I was an idiot to challenge one of the guys to a drinking match--I'm a ****ing lightweight for crying out loud. God, I'm an idiot. Of course I ****ing lost. He was still practically sober by the time I called it quits, and I was on the floor, feeling my own mind swirl into circles. I did shots with Cody too, and I got even more messed up than I already was. I was pretty much done. They kept the drinks away from me for the rest of the night, because I was trying to grab any drop of alcohol in sight. It's not like it's difficult to keep me in one place, so my struggling didn't amount to anything. We all got sufficiently drunk, and I was having the time of my life. I'm a little hazy as to some of the things we were talking about, but I was laughing like an insane goblin. My throat feels kinda sore from how much I was losing it. I was laying on Cody's girlfriend's lap, and I kept playfully slapping her on the cheek (for my own amusement, of course).
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    We spent the night at his friend's house. It's a small place, but it was enough. I let myself unwind. I undid my ponytail and let my hair down, and I changed out of my clothes, slipping into one of my oversized T-shirts, and a pair of fluffy pajama pants. I brought my house boots with me, and I was enjoying curling and digging my toes into the soft fur. Ugh, so good. I don't know what I'd do without it. ^-^ We were going to go out for dinner, but we decided to just go ahead and order a pizza instead. We got two large pizzas from Pizza Hut (cheese/pepperoni), and I was enjoying stuffing pizza slices in my mouth. I downed a few beers, and I got myself pretty tipsy. I put on a poncho that one of the dudes let me borrow, because one--it was warm, and two--it was Daryl Dixon's poncho. I had to wear it! I settled into my spot on the couch, and I was enjoying the conversation we were having. But then, we started really drinking, once we pulled out the heavy stuff.
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    Morning, Win. I'm sorry that I drunk-posted. Last night was really fun! I'm glad I sorta remember it, considering how many shots I took. Now I'm in the right state of mind to tell you about it. I had a good time with everyone. It's good to be back here in good ol’ Dallas. I love it here! So beautiful. This is such a big city! I made sure to give Cody and his girlfriend big hugs when I finally got to his house. I met some of his friends that I hadn't beforehand, and they were really cool people! I had a lot of funny convos with two in particular, and I ended up getting to know them more throughout the day. The waterpark was freaking awesome! It was warm, so it felt really nice letting my skin breathe. There was no sand to curl my toes into (which sucks), but I more than made up for that with all of the fun I had on the waterslides, and jumping into the pools. I enjoyed splashing around! I'm never gonna get tired of having fun in the water.
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