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    I gotta bounce! See ya!

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    I like these BTS videos. I wish they were longer and more in-depth, though.

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    WTF. 3 minutes?!?! Gosh, I wish I was an expert enough at Pokemon to beat a Frontier Brain in 3 minutes. Must've done some EV training or something (I never do that).

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    you should see me in a crown.

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    Today, I'm leaving Houston. I shall be heading up to Dallas! I'm staying at Cody's place (obviously). I'll be hanging around up there until Thursday. It's gonna be fun! I'm heading up there soon. It's gonna be a long drive. I'm gonna listen to more podcasts. I've got my bag packed, and I've got everything I need. We're going to the waterpark today with a bunch of his friends, so that's gonna be fun! We're probably going to be going to a Japanese grill for dinner tonight. It should be tasty! Plus, I can't wait to party it up. Tis’ the time to get wasted. ^-^ I'm keeping it simple. I'm sticking with glasses, but I'm bringing my contacts with me. I'm wearing one of my hoodies, with a regular T-shirt, and I'm gonna wear skinny jeans. I'm gonna put on my mid-calf sneakers, and I'm gonna wear a pair of my (black) elite socks. They'll keep my feet nice and toasty. ^-^ I'm probably gonna grab lunch from somewhere along the way. I'll probably swing by a fast food place for lunch on the way.
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    We caught our breaths. I let her bask in her triumph on top of me for a while, before I pushed her off of my stomach. We huddled back in bed and relaxed. We stayed up talking to each other. I was mushing my face into my pillow, and curling my toes into the bedsheets. ^-^ But after we got bit of energy back, we were messing around. I admittedly, started kicking her with my foot. She kicked back, and we we ended up having a little footsie match. We weren't really competing, though. It’s just for fun! We sat across from each other and pressed our feet together, switching off from moving them clockwise and counter-clockwise. We were wiggling our toes together, trying to curl them on top of each other's. ^-^ It was fun! We huddled back underneath the covers. We finally went to bed this time, since the fatigue hit us like bricks. She woke up the same time I did, since she's got school and all, and we both have hangovers. We forced ourselves out of bed. I made us eggs, toast, and bacon.
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    She pushed on my stomach to try and get me to break, but I just adjusted my legs accordingly, keeping her put. This irritated her, so she kept trying to pick me up and drop me, trying to get me to loosen my grip. But I held on tight; curling my toes into my soles. I tried to pull her neck down and hold her in place, but she broke out of my grip and kept pinning my arms to the bed. She did break out of my leg prison a few times, but I was able to quickly adjust and wrap them back around her waist. By this point, I was getting tired, being treated like a ragdoll and all, so I was faltering more often. She kept spinning me around, and I Iost my grip a few times, so I had to adjust my legs quickly. Unfortunately, after one hard push, and despite my efforts, she broke out. I wasn't able to compensate before she climbed on top of me and pinned my arms down. I was worn out, so I just waved the white flag. I'm a weakling, but at least I try. It was fun, regardless. Tiring, but fun.
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    She got back up and we struggled a bit, but I tickled her stomach, and I was able to push her back down. We rolled around for a bit on the bed, and we ended up standing up and circling each other, waiting for the other to make a move. She did first, and we were stumbling together, wrestling with each other's arms. She moved her leg accidentally and tripped, and she fell on top of me. I landed back first on the bed with a, “Muh!”, and I felt like the wind had gotten knocked out of me. However, I thought quickly, and I wrapped my legs around her waist, locking my feet together. I squeezed tight enough, so I could hold her in place. First, she let me catch my breath after she fell on top of me, and we were both giggling and laughing. We were getting kinda tired; panting like dogs after a run. We got back into it, and once I wrapped my legs around her waist again, she struggled to get me to let go. I was totally at my sister's mercy, but I wasn't going down without a fight!
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    It was stressful trying to get out of there with a win, but we managed it by sheer luck. Entei's use of hyper beam causes one turn of rest, so it whittled Torterra down to 3 HP, and we were able to use that to finish the legendary dog off with a earthquake. Huzzah! That was quite the thrill-ride. We were taking turns playing Star Fox on my 3DS. We switched off every world. Obviously, she's much worse at it, not being an expert at it like [B]I[\B] am, so she did end up dying a few times. It was fun for us, though. We had a blast! Later, we were just screwing around. I was playing a few hand games with her, and we had a thumb war. I won most of the matches, and she got mad and tackled me, sitting down on my stomach, and pinning my arms down. I struggled a bit, because my sister is about on the same level with me in terms of strength, since we're about the same size (I'm a bit smaller than her) I bucked my hips, and I was able to rock her off me, and I flipped her onto her back.
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