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    I'm gonna take a shower. Peace out!
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    Earl Sweatshirt dropping music again. Awesome.
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    Same to you, homeslice!
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    Mai boi Jesuuuuuus
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    I’m really disappointed with Fallout 76. It just got released yesterday, and it’s not looking anywhere close to good. First of all, Bethesda is still using the Creation engine, despite the fact that it has aged horribly. It’s buggy as hell, and just shows laziness on the part of the development team. Second of all, the game itself is just so lifeless: there’s basically no NPC’s to speak of, and all you go around doing is completing dull quests and shooting wasteland beasts. That’s gonna get boring after awhile. And lastly, is the way they are screwing with the established lore. There were already concerns previously with Fallout 4, but they still managed to screw it up somehow. The Brotherhood of Steel was only confined to the western U.S seaboard in 2102. But for some reason there are BOS markings all over the place in the game. They would have to had literally walked all the way to the opposite side of the wasteland for that to even be possible, which is a huge stretch.
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    Blizzard continues to screw up. They really let this whole Diablo: Immortal debacle completely blow up in their faces. So the development company that is making the game, NetEase, is notoriously greedy. They shove as many microtransactions as they can into their games in order to suck as much money from people’s pockets as they possibly can. The fact that Activision Blizzard chose them to develop the game, just shows what their entire endgame for this game is. All they want it to do is make a ton of money with microtransactions. That’s why they’ve been silent that aspect of the game for now, because they know if they do comment on it, the backlash is gonna get even worse. I also hate the journalists that are calling Diablo fans ‘entitled’ for getting outraged over this. How is it ‘entitled’ for fans to be disappointed with a company that turned its back on their fanbase for money? Diablo fans have every right to be angry with Activision Blizzard. They deserve the pushback.
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    Though it’s gonna be a bit warmer today, it is still pretty darn cold. **** this cold snap. What did I do to deserve all of this suffering? Need to bundle up again. Got my clothes for today laid out. Wearing my hoodie again with a long sleeve underneath it. That way I’ve got two layers of protection from the cold. I gotta wear my ugg boots too. Needs to keep my feet warm. I’ve got a pair of Sundance socks I can wear, so my toes will be extra nice and toasty. I wish I had brought some of my gloves with me to college, but all of mine are back home (I’m a dumbass). So I’ll have to keep dealing with stuffing my hands in my hoodie pocket. Really hate it when my fingers feel like they’re gonna freeze off. I’m not gonna dress myself up for tonight. Way too cold for me to go all out with it, anyways. And it’s definitely nowhere close to being skirt-OK weather. Maybe if I was cray-cray I’d try, but I ain’t. I’d rather not have my legs turn into shaking icicles. Jeans will do just fine instead.
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    Finally, O Finally! Thanksgiving break is here! I’ve got everything I need packed up and ready to go. Put my suitcase in the car last night. I have to take my fish back with me. I had to take them out of the tank (they are separated by dividers), and put them in their bowls. So excited to go back home and get the heck out of here. Plus seeing my girlfriend when she gets here on Wednesday. It’s gonna be a long drive home, so I downloaded a few podcasts last night. I’ve gotta take a test today, but when I’m done with that I’m making like a tree. Gonna stop and get boba tea and some grub along the way. Maybe a burger. I’m getting together with a bunch of my friends tonight. Gonna party it up, and get wasted! I’m supposed to be crashing at my friend's house tonight. Saturday I’m supposed to go shooting with my dad (indoor range so no cold weather). It’s been awhile since we’ve gone shooting, so it’ll be nice to have time with that! I’m also going to Stereo Live again. That’s gonna be fun.
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    Disco daydreaming.

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