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    Okay, it's time for me to bounce! Cass and I need to take a shower together. I can't wait to slather my hair with soap. We've got time, so we can relax for a bit. There ain't much better than taking a hot shower in the morning. We're gonna eat breakfast at IHOP. I can't wait to stuff my face with a stack of pancakes! ^-^ Oh, it's gonna be a good day. I can feel it in my bones. I'm gonna keep it casual for today, once I get off work and I can change out of my uniform. There's no point in wearing anything fancy. My denim jacket, ripped skinny jeans, and converse will do. How are you gonna spend your weekend? You just hanging out and relaxing? It's cool either way. I'm so happy that you've got your own place, buddy! It's gotta feel relieving to actually have a clean space to live. I'll talk to you later. I hope you have a spectacular weekend! A bientôt.

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    Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, had one of my favorite plotlines in the series. It's basically about a continent (called Tellius) in turmoil, mostly between Daein, Crimea, and the Begnion Empire (the most powerful country on the continent). With all of the political turmoil and war, it awakens Ashera, the Goddess of Order. She cast her judgement, turning most of the world's populace into stone, as punishment for humanity's betrayal. Only Ike and his companions survive. Eventually, Ashera revives soldiers (mainly from Begnion) back to life, and forms her Disciples of Order to stop Ike's advance. Ike's company soon reach the Tower of Guidance, a tall, glowing tower where Ashera resides. Each floor has Ashera's top generals guarding her, and you have to defeat them all. Even the mysterious Black Knight. Eventually, you face Ashera herself. She's quite powerful, and her Judge ability can make quick work of a unit.

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    Star Fox's blitz at Area 6 (Venom Air Defense Zone) is one of my favorite moments in Star Fox 64. This is the only path to get to the true ending of the game. It's a highly guarded sector, defended by Umbara-class defense satellites, Harlock-class frigates, minefields, and Zeram-class cruisers. Not to mention, wave upon wave of enemy fighters. It's the last line of defense for Andross and his evil empire, since Star Fox has managed to push their invasion of the galaxy all the way back to their homeworld. The boss of this level is Gorgon, which is deployed after Star Fox destroys all of Venom's defensive lines. It's a massive superweapon, but it has a vulnerable core. It's a challenge to bring down. It's defeat leads directly to Star Wolf, who have been been tasked to guard the capital. They even have upgraded ships: the Wolfen II. It has better shielding, and it can even barrel roll.

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    Aquas is a beauty. It's a planet covered in 97% water, and aside from a few small islands, there's basically no land to speak of. The oceans are teeming with life, and serve as the main draw for the planet. You cannot use Arwings for this stage (it's underwater), so you are forced to use the Blue-Marine (Star Fox's experimental submarine). Many people have difficulty with this stage, because it's traversing through an underwater cavern, and therefore the level has low visibility. Plus, the hostile sea life pop out at you without warning. The boss of this level is Bacoon, the terror of the deep. Name isn't that scary, isn't it? It's one of Andross's bioweapons (scientifically-altered life forms to serve as tools of war). The scenery of Aquas is gorgeous, which is why I love it. There's a lot of underwater ruins scattered around the area, suggesting an ancient civilization existed beneath the waves long ago…

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    We might be grabbing some mongolian food for dinner, but we'll see what happens. I love mongolian food, so I actually hope we go that route. Cass and I are going to see Brightburn with our friends. It's that superhero horror flick, which I'm assuming is the first of its kind. Hopefully it'll be good. I need my horror fix. With the addition of superpowers, it should be quite interesting. Perhaps like an anti-Superman? If we get the lounge seats, and a bag of butter-soaked popcorn, I'll be satisfied. We're spending the night at my friend's house. We're going to have another one of our semi-frequent Super Smash Bros. tournaments. I think I'm going to keep my streak up with Duck Hunt. It took me a while to get the hang of the character(s), but now it's one of my usual choices. I'm going to be going on a motorcycle ride, too. Alcohol consumption is definitely a given, which should be obvious. If there's any green left over, we can climb up to cloud nine with that.
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    On Sunday, Cass and I are going to Schlitterbahn over in Galveston, TX. It's a amusement waterpark. I haven't been in what feels like forever. I'm going to get my money's worth, and get on all the big water slides that I can. It's summer, baby! I need to get out and enjoy the sunlight while I still can. We can relax at the lagoons, too. Perhaps the lazy river? We're only going to stay for a few hours, though. Cass, my baby sister and I, are going to the Red Sox @ Astros game at 1:10 PM. It should be fun, just like yesterday's game. We're going to Galveston Island's Pleasure Pier after the game. Do you know about the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles? It's the same concept, but here right in good ol' Texas. There's rides, a ferris wheel, and loads of cotton candy. I want to get on the Iron Shark. It's the most intense roller coaster on the pier. The Sky Shooter is also a must! My sister loves ferris wheels, so we're 100% going to get on the Galaxy Wheel at some point.
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    My mom and I have to get the car. It's gonna be under her name, but for all intents and purposes, it's my sister's car. She's getting a 2019 Nissan Altima. It's a very nice car, and my mom bought it for under 20K. It's a steal. We have a giant car bow to put on top. I know my sister's gonna be happy. She's actually gonna be able to drive herself around, rather than relying on her boyfriend and me. My sister is also going to be hopping in and out to go to some of her friends' graduation parties, because they are happening on the same day. I'm going to stay at my girlfriend's house for the night. We're getting together with some friends and having a late night pool party. Plus, we're gonna be chilling in the hot tub and relaxing. It's gonna be good to kick my feet up, especially after the chaos of the graduation party. We're totally going to be drinking, too. That's a given. I can probably make everyone margaritas. But I ain't goin' easy on the alcohol.
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    Saturday is the date of my sister's graduation party. We've got a bunch of food that we're gonna cook: ribs, steak, charro beans, catfish, crawfish, etc. It's gonna be delicious! We're reaching out to our redbeck roots. I'm going to help out my dad a bit with cooking, before I have to get dressed. I'm gonna dress up a bit fancy. I am going to wear my one-piece skirt (it's a fluffy black skirt, with a cute purple bowtie). It's my usual fancy outfit. It will do quite nicely. I'm going to wear my small heels, so they won't be hurting my feet after a long period of walking around. My girlfriend might come, but I'm not gonna force her to. I've got a few homophobic family members coming over, and I understand that she doesn't want to have to deal with that. Hell, I don't either. Some of my family that's coming to the party, I have little attachment to, specially for that reason. Hopefully nothing comes up, because I am not about to stand for that. No way, José.
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    We're going to take her out to dinner once it's over. She wanted to go to Benihana's, so that's where we're eating. We already made reservations because we've got a ton of family joining us, and the staff is definitely going to have to accommodate for that. I'm gonna stuff my face with fried rice and miso soup. ^-^ When dinner is over and done with, I'm going to chill with my sister for the rest of the night. She's getting together with a bunch of her friends (and boyfriend), and they are gonna be hanging out. We're staying the night over at her friends place, so I've gotta bring my overnight bag with me. There's gonna be lots of drinks, and also green. I'm gonna get cross-faded. I don't usually hang with her peeps, but I'm cool with them for the most part. My girlfriend's probably gonna tag along, too. She's always up for getting wasted. I'm so happy for my sister. She's gonna love the college life, I'm 100% sure of it. It's SO much better than high school.
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    She kept on battering my hips, and I tightened my embrace around her waist, moaning and curling my toes into my soles, digging my fingers into her back. We were panting like dogs. We shared multiple climaxes, before we were both totally spent. **** yes. That high was so amazing! It's totally worth the effort. We cleaned ourselves up and went back to bed. We cuddled and fell asleep soon after that. 'Twas a wonderful end to a spectacular day. I've got plenty of things on my schedule today, as well as for the upcoming weekend. Today is the day of my baby sister's graduation! Class of 2019! Woop! She's finally completed high school! She's about to get a taste of real freedom. Her graduation is at 4:30, so I'm getting off work early today to see her walk. We've got a good amount of family members coming to join us, and we are all gonna cheer her on. She's lucky she was able to exempt all of her exams. I wasn't, and I had to do a few of them. So she's been kicking her feet up.
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