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    Okay, I'm gonna log off! Cass and I have a wonderful bubble bath awaiting us! We can settle ourselves underneath the bubbles, until they all die down. Oh, it's gonna feel great slipping into some hot water. It never fails to make me sigh with bliss. There's nothing much better than a hot bath in the morning. It's quiet outside, so we can enjoy each other's company. We have that kind of time! My belly is starting to whine for food, but it's not too bad that I can't deal with it. It's gonna be a relaxing day, and I can't wait. I hope you have a wonderful day! I am rooting for you! I wish that the odds are forever in your favor today! Don't forget to relax whenever you can. I'll certainly be kicking my feet up. I'll talk to you later, old man. Love you lots!

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    Dude, I'm so heartbroken. Spider-Man is in danger of being pulled out of the MCU! Talks between SONY and Disney broke down over the franchise, and now they've severed their co-agreement that they made in 2015 (Disney could use Spider-Man; Sony would retain ownership). This is terrible! This means that the next two Spider-Man films slated for release, are going to have to not take place in the MCU. I'm sorry, but that cannot happen. SONY makes terrible superhero films; Marvel Studios has a much better grasp on what fits for the character. Disney and SONY are both pissing me off here. They are both money-hungry corporations, and I don't like either of them. They are hurting a good thing! I hope there's some kind of resolution to this, because I love Tom Holland's Spider-Man, and I don't want to see him leave the MCU at this time. Please don't **** with my favorite superhero characters.

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    I'm getting pretty close to beating the game, so I expect it shouldn't be long before my journey with Empress Edelgard is over. Then it's on to Dimitri's route! I'm excited to see how his story plays out. Cass and I are also gonna play a bit of "dress-up", since she has some old clothes of hers that she has (skirts, shirts, etc.) that she's deciding what to donate, and what to give to me. It's really more of me dressing up, but whatever. It's cool being petite, because I can still fit in a lot of her old clothes. So that's gonna be fun! She also has old Halloween costumes that might fit me. It could be good for frat parties. We've gotta take Brock out for a walk, so we can do that after we eat. I'm gonna make us breakfast (bacon, eggs, toast). I am quite happy that we can stay in our pajamas most of the day. It's gonna be a chill day, and spent entirely with her. Nobody else is here to disturb us! This is gonna be a relaxing day!
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    Today, we're not planning on going out much! We've got her house to ourselves for most of the day, so we're gonna make the most of it. We had morning sex (we did that pretty early), so it's already off to a great start! We're totally gonna be doing that often. We both kinda can't keep our hands off of each other, because we'll be apart for a while. I want to go swimming out in the backyard today, so we're gonna be doing that. There's no sand to curl my toes into, but I will certainly make do! Then, we can chill in the hot tub like we usually do, and kick our feet up. We're gonna take another bubble bath together (we're going through the bath bombs) in her parent's bath, so we can get the full-jet experience. I have to pick up my ADHD/ADD medication from Kroger, but I can do that later on today. I convinced Cass to get pho with me for lunch, but we're gonna bring it back home so we can eat it here. I'm gonna play more Fire Emblem: Three Houses! I'm close to facing Dimitri!
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    But yeah, I rode all of the rides that I could, and it was pretty fun! Gosh, I never get tired of the Pharaoh's Fury. We both rode that like ten times. It's amazing! I also enjoying looking down and kicking my feet on the high swings. That's so fun! I love that so much! We both got on the Boardwalk Bullet more than a few times, and that's always fun. We always get seats up front, when we can. It's a much better experience! I certainly did stuff my face with cotton candy. We both did; we shared ours. I wasn't able to win a stuffed animal, but my girlfriend did! Whoop-de-doo! She gave it to me, so I kissed her for that. Such a romantic, that one. We got home, and we made ourselves dinner (pasta), before we both called it a night. We played video games (had a fun footsie match, too), before we called it quits and went to sleep. We had sex in-between, though. Man was it fun! I love getting my ridin' game on. It never gets old, partner. I was completely spent (so was she).
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    Morning, Win! I hope you're doing well. I had a pretty good day! I had a spectacular time at the beach, and of course, I savored as much time curling my toes in the sand as I could. Nuthin' beats that at the beach. The sand felt wonderful! It did feel pretty awesome to wiggle my toes in it. Oh, the simple pleasures of life. I spent most of my time either relaxing on my stomach, kicking my feet in the air, or curling my toes in the sand. I liked laying on my stomach when I was reading my book. It's so good. It wasn't too hot out there, either, so that was even better. Cass was just plopped down next to me, enjoying herself. We did end up splashing in the water towards the end of our beachin' time, and we ended up playing volleyball in the shallow water with a couple of dudes. Kemah Boardwalk was fun! Before we went, I made sure to get all of the sand off of me. I left my shoes out in the car, because the last thing I wanted was for them to get sandy. Then it's no fun walking.
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    body ain't me.

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    Okay, I have to scram! We've gotta make like a tree, and leave. It's time to hit the road! We're getting breakfast at IHOP. I'm stuffing my face with pancakes! It's gonna be delicious! I hope that you have a wonderful day. Like I said yesterday: don't forget to relax and kick your feet up (when you've got the time). It never hurts to take a breather. I hope you're mixin' is going swell! I also hope work isn't treating you too terrible. Alright, I'll talk to you later. I hope the odds are ever in your favor today! Smell ya later, gramps! I love you lots!

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    Oh, we're going to Kemah Boardwalk, too! We're going after we get our beachin' in, so we've got another change of clothes to slip in, once we dry off. We're just gonna ride on as many of the rides that we can. I'm totally getting on the Boardwalk Bullet again! Of course, the Pharaoh's Fury is a must! I never get tired of that one. It's seriously my favorite ride there! It feels so exhilirating being moved back and forth on that giant boat! What would I ever do without gravity? I'm of course gonna stuff my face with cotton candy. That's a must! I'm gonna try a bunch of those target games and such. Yeah, they're all rigged, but they are fun to keep trying at. I might be able to win a small stuffed animal. We'll see! I do want to get on the Flare again! I love looping around in that circle. It's so freaking fun! The Aviator is fun, too. I like being up on those high swings, kicking my feet back and forth as it goes around in a circle. I'm so excited! We're gonna have so much fun!
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    So, Kojima showed off some Death Stranding gameplay at Gamescom 2019! It's not much, but it's certainly enough to intrigue me. It looks pretty awesome! I'm glad Norman Reedus got to work with Kojima again, after Silent Hills was cancelled by Konami (which I'm still mad about). It looks pretty cool! I still don't understand a single thing thats going on, but I think that's a good thing. It'll keep the mystery there so I can keep speculating. But they did mention something about dreams and apparitions and the like. I saw stuff like that in the first Death Stranding trailer, so I'm guessing most of the plot will revolve around that. It looks awesome, though! I said I was gonna watch a playthrough, but I think I'll buy it. My game inventory is gonna be up by four (including this, Final Fantasy VII remake, Last of Us: Part II, Cyberpunk 2077), which is awesome! I can't wait to see more footage at the Tokyo Game Show!

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