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    Well, I've gotta scram. I'll talk to you soon, pal.

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    Literally the best cruise I've ever been on in my entire life. That was so much ****ing fun. I did so much crap that I never did before, and I loved every second of it. I was drunk out of my mind at many points, too. I'll tell you all about it when I have the time. My flight's coming up pretty soon. Hopefully there won't be any screaming children like last time. I have my earphones, but still. I'm going to Anime Matsuri tomorrow, for the last day. It's an anime convention in Houston, but we were crusin', so we've missed every day except the last one (we probably won't have time to catch it today, so we'll just go Sunday). It's okay, from what I've seen, it's not as much craziness as last year's. I'm gonna see if I can wear my friend's Futaba costume and wig again. If not, then that's fine.
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    Okay, I've gotta go! I'm gonna take a shower. Hopefully, a good bit of scrubbin' will help me wake up. I'm running on like four hours of sleep, so I might lie down after I get done soaking. I'm totally getting some rest on the drive. I just wanted to let you know what's going on! I won't be around for a while (obviously), so I didn't want to leave you hanging. That would be unbecoming of me. I'm going to keep it casual! I'm gonna wear one of my T-shirts (black), and one of my pairs of plaid pants (grey). For shoes, I'm going to wear one of my basic pairs of Vans (my black ones). I'm going to wear one of my pairs of no-show socks (the ones w/ roses). It feels so good curling my toes in 'em. Have a wonderful day, Win! Keep takin' it easy. I hope that the odds are ever in your favor! Good luck with your new baking job! Talk to you soon, pal. Love you lots.

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    I'm such a fangirl for Cynthia. It's awesome that she's been in nearly every Pokémon game since her introduction. She's a tough cookie, since all over her Pokémon are Lv. 60 or above. Even having Dialga, the mascot legendary Pokémon of the game, was not enough to have an edge. Her team is diverse and can combat nearly any type combination. Of course, how could you not love Cynthia's interest in mythology? The fact that she travels so much to explore ancient ruins and temples, makes her so much more endearing to me. In the Unova Region, she hangs out in Undella Town, in a resort villa. You can battle her, and after, specific individuals will visit her (even the Elite Four!). According to dialogue, Cynthia did not originate from the Sinnoh region. I wonder where she's from? Perhaps she's from the Galar region, the setting of the upcoming Sword and Shield games. That would be an awesome connection!

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    Venom was inhabited by humanoid lizards and monkeys. Andross, discovering this, was able to rally the population behind his cause--to rule the Lylat System. He and his subjects were able to build a vast armada, developing superweapons, etc. Many of the ruffians of the galaxy swarmed into Andross's service (this is why Star Wolf was recruited). He promoted his most intelligent followers to lead the war effort, and they helped seize strategic planets across the galaxy. Macbeth was invaded, and served as the industrial key to Andross's military might. Zoness was invaded in order to establish supply depots. The once beautiful world turned from a gorgeous blue, to a toxic green, as the oceans were heavily polluted, causing the sea life to mutate. Andross became a disembodied head with mechanical hands, after conducting life-threatening experiments on himself. Only I have the brains to rule the Lylat? I guess so.

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    I love Star Fox 64's lore, despite how vague it is. Andross didn't start off as the Supreme Emperor of the Venomian Empire. He was once a respected scientist from Corneria (the heart of the Lylat System and galaxy's dominant government). But he was an ambitious scientist, and he focused much of his time on researching bio-technology. His mind became twisted and his morals decayed, as he delved further into madness. General Pepper became extremely suspicious of the research that Andross was conducting, and ordered him to halt his work. Andross disobeyed this order, however, and continued with his work. It all came to a climax when Andross' experiments caused a massive explosion that destroyed a portion of Corneria City. General Pepper arrested Andross, and was forced to exile him on Venom, a world deemed uninhabitable. It was assumed that he would not survive. In hindsight, they should have killed him.

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    Zero Two is the main antagonist of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. It's the true final boss, and the source of all of the enemies in the game. If you don't collect all of the crystal shards scattered throughout the game, you will get the bad ending (The Fairy Queen will drop the facade and stare at you menacingly). When you complete the scattered crystal, it will expunge 02's possession. It immediately flees to the Dark Star, the evil realm in which it resides. Zero Two is the reincarnation of the original Zero, which is the source of the Dark Matter forces (the antagonist of the series). In contrast to the darkness of it's minions, 02 has a heavenly appearance, with angelic wings and a halo. Kirby has to use the power of the crystal to take it down. It's theorized that 02 is the embodiment of hatred, anger, and sadness, and that it doesn't understand the concept of happiness. It's kind of sad, don't you think?

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    There's twenty-one water slides in total that we can slide on. The biggest is called the Daredevil's Tower. It's the largest waterslide in North America. That's quite the prestigious title! I'm betting that the line is going to be extremely long, so we probably will only get on it a few times. I'm still excited to slide on it! There's a wave pool, and a lagoon, so that will be sweet. I always end up mistakenly swallowing water when I get into wave pools. There's also zip lines, so we can try those out. There is also air balloon rides available, and I've never been in a air balloon before, so I definitely want to try it out. Here's hoping ours doesn't go the way of Team Rocket's air balloon. There's a swim up bar, so Cass can get all the alcohol she wants! There's a few restaurants, so we might just eat dinner there, instead of on the ship. We will figure that out when we get there. We'll be docking back in FL on June 15th. I'm so psyched for the cruise!
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    There's also a submarine expedition, and I actually do want to try that. I love the sea so much. I need to look at all of the beautiful sea creatures! It shouldn't be too bad riding in a submarine. It'll be my first time in one. I'm not claustrophobic, but when spaces are too tight, I can't help but get a teeny bit weary. I'm sure it'll be just fine, though. Like in Costa Maya, there's historical ruins here too (Tulum Ruins), so we can check those out. There's a bunch of beaches, so I can relax and curl my toes in the sand. There is also plenty of riding tours available around the island, so we'll be able to keep ourselves busy for the entire time that we're at Cozumel. The final destination that we're stopping at is Coco Cay. It's a private island in the Bahamas that's owned by Royal Caribbean. It short, it's a sweet little island getaway that they made for us cruisers. The island just opened for business recently, so it's a total steal. I can't wait. It's gonna be fun.
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