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    My weekend was wonderful! My girlfriend and I had a magical time. I'm just swooning so hard. It was a really fun few days. I liked being back over there again. It's a really cool place. Ariana Grande was pretty awesome last night. It was fun (and loud). We watched Game of Thrones after, since I recorded it, and I was dissapointed. Thankfully the sex got that disappointing ending off my mind for a while, but only for a bit. No amount of riding can get that stupid ending out of my head. I kinda wish I hadn't gotten into this show. But whatever--it's done.
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    So, I'm gonna be working today. It'll be nice being back. I've gotta take my cousin to the airport in a little while, though. My girlfriend and I are going to the Astros game tonight, so that'll be sweet. I'm staying over at my girlfriend's place, and my sister is tagging along. We're gonna have a sleepover party. It's gonna be good to hang and keep each other company. Thankfully, my sister is exempt from her exams, so she's smooth sailing this week (ah, I wish I could do that at college).
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    Unfortunately, Win, I was pretty dissapointed. I dunnp, I just didn't care anymore. I hate that they ruined this to the point where I don't evem care about what happens anymore. I had basically zero reaction to any of the critical things that happened. Daenerys' death was boring, obvious, and expected. At the very least, Jon Snow got to finally pet Ghost. That was probably the best moment in the episode. I'll give it about a 4/10 overall. A disappointing ending to a disappointing season.
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    Morning! It's quiet over here. My girlfriend's fast asleep, and I'm still trying to wake up. I was getting in touch with my cowgirl side last night. Yee-haw.
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    Okay, I've gotta bounce! We both need to soap up and start scrubbin'. There ain't much better in the morning than taking a shower, and letting the hot water rush over you. ^-^ Now that I've got my girlfriend back, it's double the fun! I am so excited for this weekend! I can't help myself from being giddy about it. This summer is starting out on a spectacular note! We've gotta finish our packing pretty soon. I have to go back to my house and grab the clothes that I'm gonna wear. I'm gonna keep it light, and take advantage of the sun. Hopefully it doesn't rain. It shouldn't take me too long to get that all situated. So, have you got any fun plans for the weekend, Win? Or are you taking it easy and relaxing? Regardless, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. May the odds be ever in your favor, my friend. I'll talk to you soon, Win. Too-da-loo.

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    I think the Sinnoh Region had the best batch of Legendary Pokémon. Thankfully, you can obtain most of them without event items (Mystery Gift). I've always liked how they create environments for the specific events. It actually disappoints me how in later games, like in Sun and Moon, the post-game legendary Pokémon you can catch from other regions, are just stuck in a dimensional tear. It looks cool, but it's not as interesting as developing an island for a legendary Pokémon, and setting up an event there. It actually feels kinda cheap and lazy. There's a reason why I love Mew's event in Pokémon Emerald, or Arceus's event in the Hall of Origin in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. I'm interested in seeing the legendary Pokémon that'll be available in Sword and Shield. Hell, I wonder what the mascot Pokémon will be. Hopefully they'll be cool. I've got confidence in Game Freak, so I'm sure they won't let me down.

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    I'm glad that later Pokémon games actually acknowledge you as the Champion. Previously, it didn't matter after you've earned the title: everyone treats you the same. No matter how many times you enter your name into the Hall of Fame, it's still nothing more than that. Even when it's acknowledged, it's more of a symbolic title than anything tangible. You still cannot take up any official Pokémon League duties. But in later Pokémon games, you can do a lot more as Champion. In US/UM, this is especially evident. People refer to you as Champion more often in the post-game. You can even participate in Title Defense, in which the player character can face challengers that wish to usurp the throne. However, you still remain as the Champion should you lose the match. Regardless, it's an awesome addition to the franchise, and I hope Game Freak (Inc.) chooses to continue with this.

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    Drake is the final member of the Hoenn Elite Four. Like Lance, he specializes in Dragon-types. His signature Pokémon, Salamence, is not as strong as Lance's Dragonite, but it still packs a punch (Lv. 55). I had a hard time finding a Salamence for myself. You can only find a Bagon in Meteorite Falls, in a specific section. It has a low change of spawning, so it's a lot of running back and forth. The challenging thing is leveling it up to 50, to evolve it into a Salamence. That took me a while. Unlike Lance, Drake actually has a full team of Dragon-types (not look-alikes like Gyarados). That's only because back then there wasn't enough dragon-type Pokémon to fill an entire team. But for some reason, Lance has three Dragonites in Gold/Silver Version. It's silly. Drake is apparently an old shipmate of Mr. Briney, on the S.S. Tidal. I'm sure they had a bunch of adventures together...

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    Champion Wallace is the final challenge of the Hoenn Pokémon League, and the region's respective champion. He took over after Steven Stone stepped down (he specializes in Steel-types). Wallace's specialty is Water-type, and that's what his whole team of Pokémon consists of. Without Rayquaza, I would've had a very difficult time with him. For example, his Wailord is a tank, and it can soak up damage like nothing. His Tentacruel is annoying, specifically when it comes to it using Toxic to cause a PSN infliction. His Ludicolo is very irritating, because it knows Double Team, and after using it too many times, it becomes near-impossible to land a hit. His signature Pokémon, Milotic, is the most difficult. It's a beautiful nightmare. It can soak up damage, whilst dealing massive HP damage. I'm glad that Wallace participates in Pokémon Contests in OR/AS, since that's what he did in the anime.

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