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    Okay, I'm gonna bounce! It's time to get this show on the road! I've gotta get my clothes, and then I'm gonna take a shower. I hope you're having a wonderful night! I hope to talk to you soon, and we can catch up or whatever. I've been mostly in-and-out this week due to finals, but I can be a bit more active now that they are out of they way and out of my mind. I'll talk to you later, buddy. I love you lots!

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    I'm sticking with comfy pajamas tonight; a long-sleeved shirt (it's pink and white), and fluffy pajama pants (which are also pink; plaid). I've got these comfy ankle socks that I'm gonna wear too, and it feels good wigglin' my toes in 'em. Since I painted my nails half light pink (and half light green), I'm gonna be decked out in pink sleepwear! I've gotta be heckin' comfortable when I'm wrestlin' (especially when drunk)! I'm gonna miss her, but I am super excited to finally go back home. Tonight's gonna be our last hoo-rah for a while, so we're definitely gonna wear each other out. I'm kinda ready to sleep in my bed (as well as Cass's bed), as I just wanna be at home for a while, instead of constantly shifting back and forth like I always do. I'm also so excited to have my baby sister back with me for a while, instead of a few days like for Thanksgiving break. It's gonna be great being home, and setting up the Christmas lights (since we didn't on Thanskgiving)!
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    Cass and I are gonna go see The Rise of Skywalker soon! It's not too long from now 'till it comes out. I'm really interested to see how it all goes down. I've been totally pampered as a Star Wars fan right now; I've been enjoying Jedi: Fallen Order, The Mandalorian, and now The Rise of Skywalker is coming out. The 7th season of The Clone Wars is coming out in February of 2020, so I'm excited for that coming back, too! I'm weary about how exactly Palpatine survived being killed on the Death Star II, but I'm hoping they explain it in a good way, not like some clones bullcrap. I didn't like how Palpatine kept coming back with clones in Star Wars Legends, and I really didn't like that he came back in general. It kinda cheapened Vader's sacrifice for me. But I won't know how to feel about it until I see the film for myself. I'm just anxious with the seriously close wait. I really hope that it's a goood film; I don't want it to be terrible! I hope my 2019 film experience ends with a bang!
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    It sucked that I had to go through this stupid strep throat through finals week, but I made it through in one piece. Looking back at this semester, it was a freaking bitch, despite all of the fun that I had. It just gets worse and worse as I go along, but I've gotta just put up with it. It's not gonna get any easier for me here, and I've gotta keep on raising myself up to the challenge. I'm waitint for my dirty clothes to get out of the dryer, and I'm gonna take most of those clothes back with me. I've already packed clothes that I didn't need to wash. I'm waiting for my pajamas to get done, so I can take a shower and slip into 'em, and get this night really started. Oh, I can't wait. It feels so good to have the weight of school lifted off of my shoulders for a little while. I swear to God, I'm gonna savor this ****ing break as much as I possible can. Next semester is gonna be worse with the schoolwork, but I've gotta put up with it. I'm gonna make something of myself out here.
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    Evenin', Winston! I'm done with all of my finals! My Fall 2019 semester is offically over! Wooohooo! I can finally relax and go home! I'm getting drunk tonight (but not too drunk, I've gotta drive home tomorrow) with my roommate, since we're both leaving tomorrow. We're gonna play video games [B]and[/B wrestle, which I'm totally up for. We haven't tussled since I got sick; it's on! I'm leaving around 2PM, since I've got a time slated for my CA to check me out. Oh, and my mouth is finally better! It felt like it was gonna take forever for my poor mouth to recover, but it's mostly okay now. I've got a cancer sore that popped up in my mouth, but it's 100% more bearable than it feeling like I'm swallowing a stone. I can't wait for Christmas break; I've got a bunch on my plate that you cannot even believe. Plus, I'm gonna be working, so I'm gonna be making some money on the side for my time off. I can't wait to kick my feet up and relax (when I'm not working). I've earned it.
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    club paradise.

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    I talked to my girlfriend on the phone for practically the entire night, and I couldn't really go to sleep all that much anyways.
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    Morning, Win. I'm feeling better than I was before. The lolipop really helps numb the back of my throat, so it's much bearable to swallow. I've been checking the white patches in the back of my throat (it's seriously gross to look at), and now one side seems to be back to normal. The medication has certainly helped me out. I've still been keeping my distance for the most part. It sucks, but hopefully it'll be gone by the time the weekend is over. I'm gonna kick my feet up and relax for a while, before I actually get down to studying and stuff like that. I'm gonna take a bubble bath at some point, since I want to bury myself beneath a mountain of bubbles. Thankfully my fever's gone down, so I'm not shivering like crazy anymore, despite being wrapped in my blankets. I'm gonna stay in my pajamas and keep on kickin' my feet up in bed. I've got these cute long socks (they're gray with pink tips and heels), that have octopuses on them. It's nice curling my toes in 'em, too.
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    safe house.

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