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    Okay, I'm gonna bounce! So, we've got our day planned out (for the most part). We are just gonna stay here at the house and chill. We've got food for breakfast (bacon and eggs), so I'm gonna cook for the both of us. Cass can sleep in for a little while longer! We're gonna go swimming again! We always screw around in the pool, like wrestling over the inflatable donut (after she knocks me off), or diving to the bottom. It'll be fun! Then we can relax in the hot tub if we feel like it. If the rain forces us back inside, then the both of us can huddle underneath the blankets, kick our feet up, and play some video games. I'm also gonna do Cass's nails and her hair. I'm just doing it for fun. There's also enough room for sex. I wanna get vietnamese for dinner tonight (and I want a strawberry boba smoothie), so hopefully I can convince Cass to get on my side (with kisses)? Talk to you later!

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    This was definitely one of my favorite moments in all of Game of Thrones. This is the first time that the Dothraki had ever reached Westeros, famed by their ability in combat, and the first time in 300 years that Westeros has seen a dragon. Watching the Lannister army get totally stomped, was really a sight to see. This really was one of the defining moments for Daenerys. It's such a shame that this show ended on an extremely poor note.

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    You know, there is an Area 51 movie. But from what I've seen, it looks terrible. Why does everyone think that top secret government facilities have poor lighting? That seems ridiculous to me. They need to see, don't they? Plus, there's like three guards. That is dumb. But I do wonder what is in Area 51. I know it's not a ****ing training site, like the government claims. Why would they all be sworn to secrecy, then? I don't think there's aliens, but there might be secret government projects, like weapons and such. Or perhaps something even more sinister? Who knows. We'll have to find out when we invade with our Naruto run stance.
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    Charge into Area 51? Let's do this!

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    Westworld Season 3 is coming out! It looks good. I haven't caught up with the show, but this certainly makes me more interested. Perhaps I'll actually start watching it. It does look pretty good.

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    Did you see this? This is the upcoming Cats movie. It looks terrible. I'm sorry, but the CGI doesn't work with thism it makes them all look so creepy and gross. It would've been much better, if they had use practical materials for the cats design. This just looks like scary uncanny valley. Maybe this will be good, but I doubt it. If it ends up being a good film, I'll certainly be surprised.

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    So apparently, the new Lion King remake is garbage. I knew it. It just looked so soulless, and apparently the CGI animals can't emote like they did in the animated Lion King. Of course that's the case. I'm also getting tired of Disney remaking all of their classics. Come up with something new.
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    This looks great! I'm excited to see this! There's a good bit of shows coming out, that I want to see. This has been a good Comic-Con, in terms of trailers. I hope this'll be good. I'm glad Jeremy Irons is in it, too.

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    See you, Winston!
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    For sure! The beds were so comfy! Perfect for some passionate love-making. We didn't screw by the window, but I did get off to riding her like a cowgirl on the bed, while the curtians were open, in Hawaii. It was a good view, and I had fluffy bedsheets to curl my toes in. I was like, "Oh, that's such a good view", when I was moving my hips. We were laughing at that. We certainly rocked the bed, and crumbled those sheets good. It was 100% worth it all, and I don't regret any of it.
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