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    Gotta scram! Need to take a shower. Have a wonderful Friday! Peace out.
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    Ann Coulter is such a liar. She backed out of the debate with Kyle Kulinski at Politicon, and then had the audacity to say on a news show that there were no liberals of "substance" willing to debate her. Complete and utter falsehood. I think it's because she knows she can't debate honestly or intellectually, and it's gonna hurt her brand if she gets destroyed by a YouTuber. I just wish she'd be honest about it. But she can pretend that what she said happened all she wants: everyone else knows the truth. I hope Kyle brings it up at some point. It'd be good to call her out on that, since she's gonna be there. I just want her to be exposed for the cowardly troll she really is. All she knows how to do is spew a bunch of nonsensical buzzwords to stoke her stupid base. She brings nothing of substance, and has never done so.
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    Apparently the artist for Noname’s Room 25 (her debut studio album, which is great by the way) cover, has been exposed for being a serial abuser. Giles (the artist) was arrested for domestic abuse multiple times. Which is a big no-no. So she’s putting up an offer to replace the cover art. I think that’s a good move on her part. I know she saw that art cover as a perfect expression of the music she made, but it makes sense to me to want to distance it from that. However, it doesn’t overshadow that Room 25 is an amazing album. She’s one of the best chill vibe rappers out there in the scene right now. Highly recommend her stuff! You should definitely check her out when you've got free time. I can't wait for her next project!
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    Can’t wait for Red Dead Redemption 2 to come out. Though, there are reports of developers being overworked (I’ve heard 100 hours a week). I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I seriously hope not. The video game industry is very unstable, and a lot of companies take advantage of their employees big time. So it wouldn’t be out of the realm of believability for me. Though I would seriously be disappointed in Rockstar if this turns out to be true. Apparently Rockstar lifted their social media ban for their developers recently, so it will be interesting to hear their side of the story on the matter. But Rockstar might prevent their employees from saying anything too revealing. I hope they don't end up doing anything like that. However, I'm still planning on buying the game. I might as well support the developers hard work if this does end up turning out to be true.
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    Saturday we’re going to the beach up in Galveston. Just wanna curl my toes in the sand and have a good time! But there’s a chance of rain tomorrow, so if it gets too heavy (or too cold), then we’ll just have to go ahead and bounce. I wanted to go to the beach because this is gonna be one of the last opportunities to do so before it starts getting too cold. Don’t want to turn into a living, breathing icicle. Doesn’t sound like a fun experience. Tomorrow night we’re going to Stereo Live. RL Grime is playing (don’t know if you’ve heard of him before but he’s awesome). That’s looking to be a pretty fun night for sure. Can’t wait to lose myself in the music. I might just go ahead and dress myself up for that. I’ll make up my mind soon enough. But it’s gonna be good to get away from campus for a bit. Can be pretty tiring at points. Good for me to head back into the city for a little while. Houston’s skyline is where I’m at peace.
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    I’ve got another midterm today. Gonna be sooooooo fun. It’s not gonna be difficult at all, so I’m not too worried about it. Just gonna be boring as hell. But that’s honestly the least on my mind today. I’m driving back home today. But I’m not going alone: Cody and his girlfriend are coming down with me. They’re gonna hang w/ me and my friends for the weekend. I’ve got quite a bit of plans tonight. We’re gonna watch the new Halloween movie (the series w/ Michael Myers). It’s received positive reviews so far, so I’m hopeful that it will be a thrilling movie. Planning on going to my friend’s place after since she’s having a bit of a party. Probably gonna get drunk. I’m also gonna have to say goodbye to my parents before they head off for their cruise tomorrow. So my sister’s gonna have the house to herself for a week! Lucky her.
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    I watched the finale to Shane Dawson’s Mind of Jake Paul docuseries last night. It was pretty long; an hour and 45 minutes. Man, it’s been one hell of a ride! Overall, I think the series ended on a pretty impactful note. The first few episodes really dragged tbh, but it picked up after the Nick Crompton episode. I don’t hate Jake Paul as much as I used to: he strikes me as a guy that made a lot of mistakes, because he himself doesn’t really know where the line is. Him dealing with an explosion of fame, nobody in his life ever tried to regulate his behavior. In regards to the whole Team 10 nonsense, I don’t think there’s any one villain here. I think everyone involved has played some part in this situation. And this series answered the question of Is Jake a sociopath: he isn’t. I think he’s just a guy who has trouble displaying his emotions. I do think he cares about people in his life. But like I said: I really enjoyed it, and I cannot wait to see what Shane’s gonna tackle next!
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    Bouncing. Peace.
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    Sweet. We'll have a good day I'm outta here



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    Bye.! I'll be around tomorrow if you want...
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    Probably going to make a mix after my pizza.
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    I'm thinking about going to get a pizza. ...
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    some people are really bad at it. sorry,...
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    This too, vexes me.
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    sounds about right, :lamo
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    thanks boo :lol:

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