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  1. Omar said a mouthful there.
  2. Leadership Covenant
    of the
    Veterans Benefits Administration
    June 28, 2002


    We are the leaders in one of our Nation’s most vital and idealistic service organizations. Because we serve veterans and their dependents, our mission is sacred. The well–known statements of President Abraham Lincoln and General Omar Bradley are found in every VA office and convey the sanctity of our mission.

    "…to care for him who shall
    have borne the battle, and
    for his widow and his orphan…"

    Abraham Lincoln; March 4, 1865

    "We are dealing with
    veterans, not procedures –
    with their problems, not ours."

    Omar Bradley; 1947
  3. I am enjoying our little discussion on the military. I think we both see the need to take care of those that served properly.
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