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  1. Thanks for sharing about your AT experiences TT. My trek on it took me the better part of three years as I had to section hike it. I realized after I posted to you that I had said thru hike, which if I recall might actually mean I did it all at once. I did not, I lived in New Mexico at the time and as you can imagine the logistics were as challenging as the hike. Like you it is one of my favorite experiences and I got hit with all kinds of crazy weather on it. Nearly froze our asses off near Clingmans Dome! My trip was in 2000 through 2003, so it's been a while. I read several books while doing it, I think the one I liked the best was Bill Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods" which was pretty amusing as it was about hiking the AT. They made a movie out of it recently, but be warned it is pretty awful.

    Happy trails!
  2. Congratulations on hiking the Appalachian Trail end-to-end! 35 years later, I still consider it one of my most satisfying personal achievements. In Pennsylvania., I did a 41 mile one day personal best. I pushed the pace beginning in mid-July and did a 600 mile month. My Modus operandi changed upon meeting Reefer/Whiskey Dave a former Eagle Scout from Tennessee... at Delaware Water Gap. I rigorously hiked and partied the last 700 miles... carrying red wine instead of water. Ah... the joy of remembering the finish in waist deep snow atop Mt. Katahdin! This year, mid-August, I went back to the Berkshires with my wife to hike from Vermont to Connecticut. My wife could fly. I could only trudge. 10 mile days kicked my ass! We met roughly one hundred thru-hikers... most northbound, some southbound ( a rarity 35 years ago). Peace to you and yours! Welcome to DP.
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