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  1. Thanks, Buddy. I wish you and your loved ones well and hope that you're having an excellent summer, if that's even possible in Florida (just teasing - kind of).
  2. Those American Soccer Women brought joy and honor to themselves, family, friends, fans and the USA! Hip hip hooray!

    You have shared a lot this year: easing a coworker into 12-Step, invigorating workouts, daughter's power lifting prowess, herb preferences and diving into the dating scene! I may have missed some of your updates. Wishing you and yours all the best my friend!
  3. How apropos that you would successfully tutor me on Thanksgiving! Feel some Love! May your Romances rock your world this coming year!
    I followed your instructions no problem.... and used your method to post a thread about TAAC in the Basement Hole.

    Thanx again,

    Trippy T
  4. Ah Professor lurch... picture my Big Grin! With your tutoring, I have had an epiphany! Yes... YES... YES... to learn a simple process can feel soooo good! Thank you and Warm Regards,
    Trippy T
  5. My bad. I did not communicate my obstacle well enough. I know how to bring up quotes, separate quotes, break out sentences, respond between quotes and sentences.
    I do not know how to bring up another poster's quote or quotes in the #1 Post of a new thread. You displayed 4 or 5 other posters quotes in the first post of your Basement Thread that rips at Rightwingers who ridiculed Ocasio-Cortez.
    When I start a new thread, I end up using the #2 or a a higher # post to bring up another poster's quote.
  6. TT, I sent you a PM with instructions. Let me know if they don't help!
  7. lurch, how do you bring quotes up in an OP? Do you use the "link icon"? Except for NEW THREAD OP, when I click the "multi-quote icon" of quotes I want to show, they either show up automatically when I reply or I have the option of adding them if I use the "Go Advanced" function. I rely on my spouse and a few friends to mitigate my lack of better computer tool skills.


    Trippy T
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