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    You know, half the time I agree with you, the other half not so much. But you're one of my more respected posters here. What kind of business?
  2. Life gets busy. I'm trying to start up a new business, but it's been a long road trying to find a political jurisdiction which is friendly enough to bother with it.
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    You been on Hiatus or something?
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    You heading off to chase your tail elsewhere? If you find any place cool, shoot me a PM. I'm always looking for decent forums.
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    Ah, read bits of your blog and I kind of saw the lean xP
  6. I'm not terribly fond of labels but I would tend to accept this without being bound by any particular restrictions.
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    You're an Austrian aren't you?
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3 Seconds Changed My Life: How I Almost Became A Murderer

by TNAR on 01-09-16 at 04:26 AM
I spent more than a decade in the Army. As is typical of those in the military, I joined partly for patriotic reasons. “To serve my country,” as the saying goes. However, my entire outlook changed dramatically in three short seconds.

Throughout life we are presented with the idea that most issues of morality are easily dealt with. Communism is bad, democracy is good. Nazis are bad, the allies are good. Drugs are bad, the war on drugs is good.

Unfortunately, when we

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On Secession

by TNAR on 12-29-13 at 07:06 PM
As evidenced by the conversation taking place in the “Would Slavery Still Exist?” thread, there exists a good amount of confusion regarding the fundamental characteristics underlying the split from England by the American Colonies, the founding of the United States, and the subsequent formation of the Confederate States. Because this issue is so pivotal to promoting patriotic ideology, the actual historic events tend to get a little muddied with hyperbole. The following is a brief summary of events

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Statistics, Lies, and Damned Lies

by TNAR on 11-20-13 at 02:20 PM
We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” - Aesop

#TotD: The survival of politics as we know it depends on hatred, mistrust, and fear. Power comes easily to those who proffer protection from your “enemies.” The illusion of choice is given to the populace to keep them occupied and ignorant. So long as the belief that only two flavors of politics exists – Democrat and Republican – the status quo will never change. Most importantly, the average person must

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Much Ado About Firearms

by TNAR on 07-08-13 at 09:38 PM
Firearms are easy to fear and hate. They are easy to operate, easy to conceal, easy to acquire, and easy to maintain. Unfortunately, public perception of them is also easy to manipulate for political and emotional reasons. If asked, most people are quick to give a solid answer on where they stand on the issue of private firearm ownership. But if asked why they hold such opinions, the answers quickly divulge into emotional and factually inconsistent quips.

While even a single death

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I am a Great American

by TNAR on 02-09-13 at 12:37 PM
I was recently at a social gathering where it was determined that I am a “great American.” This was based almost entirely on the sole fact of my status as a combat veteran. I almost countered these baseless claims on a few occasions, but it got me wondering about how to even go about doing so without completely alienating these folks. There are certainly many individuals who would suggest that this is exactly what should occur. However, my goal is the education of others rather than simply “putting

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