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  1. [QUOTE=Matt Foley;1060739228]I'm a bigot and proud of it, sort of, on the internet.[/QUOTE

    [QUOTE=Bob Blaylock;1060238356]We should give one of those to everyone in New York City. Well, everyone except for one person. Let that one person know that every one of his neighbors has a gun with his name on it. A big gun, that shoots big bullets that make big holes.[/QUOTE

    [QUOTE=Bob Blaylock;1060252401]Quod erat demonstrandum.[/QUOTE

    [QUOTE=TurtleDude;1060734374]...for example, I don't have problems with things like gay marriage, cross dressing, etc. but if some holier than thou bible thumping fascist guy is caught wearing fishnet hose while giving a guy a hummer I think its fair to utterly thrash him for that...[/QUOTE
  2. Gun Show Loophole Frequently Asked Questions - Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

    [QUOTE=mac;1060709455]...I'd appreciate it if you would stop editing my comments when you reply to me. It's cowardly and dishonest.[/QUOTE

    Guns in NYC
  3. QUOTE=Bob Blaylock;1060708958]It's painfully predictable that people such as this will latch on to a tragedy of this sort, to promote a tyrannical political agenda.....[/QUOTE

    [QUOTE=Bob Blaylock;1060709104]No, they should be in prison, or put to death, either of which would render moot any discussion about whether they had a legal right to possess a weapon....[/QUOTE
  4. ...............
  5. I will no longer answer ANY of yours or anyone else's questions, when they make this racist & passive-aggressive attack upon Trayvon Martin. If you want me to answer you, call him TM, or Martin, or Trayvon, or Trayvon Martin.

    But I refuse to enable your or anyone else's racist & pathetic baiting & provoking any longer.

    QUOTE=ric27;1060671152]yay.....weed is our world yo, and our hood is preped and no Thunder comes in our hood and say **** to us

    you feelin me?[/QUOTE]

    QUOTE=Jerry;1060671111]Yo He's just mad cuz he didn't think ta jive like we's wuz back in da hood first ya'll is mad stupid.[/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE=Jerry;1060671048]ah don' know why you choose ta keep focusing on how you perceive nahh-_limit_nigga, but we's be discussing da facts o' da case an' sho, havin` uh little fun on da side brace yo'self foo'![/QUOTE
  6. [QUOTE=Jerry;1060663813]...dis niga gotz no limits, right?[/QUOTE

    QUOTE=Excon;1060656879]Yes it is apparent that Trayvon spoke in a hostile and belligerent manner...[/QUOTE

    QUOTE=Excon;1060656892]...Trayvon approaching Zimmerman was done in a hostile manner...
    ...Yes Trayvon was being hostile...[/QUOTE

    QUOTE=Excon;1060656921]...The tense situation itself is enough evidence to suggest such.[/QUOTE

    QUOTE=Masada;1060658205]...The defense will say that Z's intent in following Martin was to question him, not cause him any bodily harm. THAT'S REASONABLE. He's neighborhood watch. He had every right to follow and question.....[/QUOTE
  7. QUOTE=ric27;1060382994]Martin attacked Zimmerman with punches, knocking him down, grabbed his head and repeatedly slammed it on the concrete in a violent rage...[/QUOTE

    QUOTE=OscarB63;1060344234]If Zimmerman had been some random guy, you would have a valid point. However, he was part of a neighborhood watch. He was supposed to be checking out strangers in the area....[/QUOTE

    Zimmerman, acting in the capacity of NW, was trying to keep someone under observation until police arrived.

    QUOTE=American;1060336451]He was out patrolling his neighborhood, the purpose of which we know. So if someone is acting suspiciously, it warrants further observation....which he did...[/QUOTE
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