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  1. Nah, I'm the whiner. Cindy never whined enough. Marcia was just perfect. I'm the middle, so that makes me the whiner.
  2. Hey I'm old enough to be Shaun White's mom (prolly) but he's still hot . And of course I don't mind the request! And my name is Gina, too. Pleezdameecha!
  3. do I just respond this way, or do I go to you every single time?
  4. I like it more. I don't like "big." Too easy to get lost in, you know? Thanks for letting me know about this place. I have seen that you talk alot about video game design forums, etc. Is that what you do? Design video games? My brother has been working for years on designing a video game on the Halloween movies. Had permission from the studios, writers and everything. Don't know whatever became of it, but I always thought that'd be a cool job to have.
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