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  1. Interesting. Will try it if I am ever in the position to do so.
  2. Retsina - Wikipedia
    I had it while traveling in Europe. Great mouth feel, great first taste until you are left thinking you just sampled turpentine. I must say though, it cuts through the rather rich Greek food quite well.
  3. Not sure what retsina is?
  4. Recalling the great memories of our loved ones helps, might also make us miss them even more. Greek pizza and wine, great combination, unless you are tempted to try retsina. Yikes, if there's ever an acquired taste, that is it. Hug back
  5. Yeah, as well as can be expected. The girls and I had an anti-Thanksgiving yesterday. No big meals, no shopping, nothing. Just wine and movies and Greek pizza and board games. Didn’t feel like Thanksgiving at all, which was kind of the point. Thank you for checking on me. (hug)
  6. Been thinking about you. Are you keeping your chin up ?
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