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  1. I'm not sure he personally wanted to blame the Germans...It was more the French who wanted to blame the Germans and he wanted to get them to support the idea of the League so he didn't do much to lessen the burden on the Germans.

    But I think you know how I feel about WWI vs. WWII. I think WWI was essentially unfinished and the tensions were still there, it was bound to blow up sooner or later, and it did after a 20 yr intermission.
  2. I think Korea was just, I know a lot more about Korea than even Vietnam perhaps.

    If you want to take a broader perspective of military history in general however, American military history is only useful from about World War I. Military innovation in weapons, tactics, institutions, military finance, throughout most of world history originated in Europe, so that's the kind of thing I'm interested in as well.

    Do you get to read books on deployment (I assume you can because apparently you have the time to play video games ) I'm thinking when I get deployed in the future i may bring a Nook/Kindle with me.
  3. "I notice I'm more likely to consider the opposing view point and see fault with my own "side" if the person on the other side is the same way."

    That's what open-mindedness is all about. btw I spent like a whole hour writing that response to Grim...glad we found some common ground. I'm definitely willing to approach others with reasonable arguments when they show me a bit of respect, and I think that's what's made it easier for me to connect with some conservatives here even if I disagree with them entirely. Some people are just so partisan that they're completely lost however, the same people who make sweeping generalizations about all liberals and all conservatives blah blah blah etc.
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