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Why it's hard to stop being poor.

by spud_meister on 10-26-11 at 07:22 AM
For the answer to the entitled proposition, I'll turn to the master of economic theory, Terry Pratchett, and one of his characters, Samuel Vimes, in what is termed "Sam Vimes Theory of Economic Injustice". Which reads as thus:

Samuel Vimes earned thirty-eight dollars a month as a Captain of the Watch, plus allowances. A really good pair of leather boots, the sort that would last years and years, cost fifty dollars. This was beyond his pocket and the most he could hope for

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Feminist portrayal of men.

by spud_meister on 05-23-11 at 08:49 AM
I was watching a TV show, and on it they had a feminist (feminazi maybe being a better term for her, she was stupid, goes by the name of Gail Dines if anyone's interested) and she was advancing the position that consumption of pornography by men leads to rape, and hence pornography=bad, however, at the same time she also said that women dressing skimpily doesn't lead to rape, now, to make my position clear, I don't think either of them lead to rape, but the problem I have with her first statement

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Democracy and Republicanism

by spud_meister on 03-26-11 at 08:08 AM
I see often on this site of the terms democracy and republic being misused, and being presented as contradictory systems of governance, but they're not, what the people who misuse them are referring to is direct democracy and a constitutional republic, the first being a system where governance is decided by direct vote, the latter a system where the government powers are limited and people are represented by elected officials, put succinctly by John Adams as "a government of laws, and not of

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I miss Ruddy. :(

by spud_meister on 03-16-11 at 08:44 PM
For most of you, it's about Australian politics, so don't read it, you'll only get bored.

But I miss Kevin Rudd as our PM, he ****ed up big time with his 'Super Profits Tax', and that was what got him deposed by that Welsh chick, but before that, he was a pretty good PM, he kept us out of recession when most of the western world was getting buggered, and he had plans to liberalise gun laws, he got us out of Iraq, and kept us in Afghanistan, but what's made me miss him now is how well

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Current affairs programs.

by spud_meister on 02-15-11 at 06:00 AM
Here we get these brilliant current affairs programs, which seem to revolve around some variation of the "hard working, lower/middle class family getting ripped off/hard done by etc." by any other thing. And in an ad for one of them I saw an absolute brilliant piece of programming, it went something like this "Supermarkets have found a new way to rip off hard working customers, through a policy of no refund without a receipt, and it's the crooks that are profiting", when the

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