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  1. Yeah, I read this a few weeks ago when it bounced around the office. I love Bass, but I wish he would have explored that issue a little deeper
  2. Yes Thanks, please PM me the link if it's in any email-able form.
    I hadn't bought it yet.
  3. You get a copy of the HBS study? I can send if you're interested.
  4. I just saw your KB VM.
    Coincidentally, after I posted another string on something I learned from him and that is mentioned in some of the vids; ZIRP.
    I'm a financial professional and I find him the most riveting person I've ever listened to on economics.
  5. Kyle Bass came into our office the other week to pitch his new RMBS fund. I've watched those videos you've shared at least four times each. Despite his reputation as a doomsayer, his portfolio is 90% long, he just has gigantic tail risk hedges. The man is definitely one of the smartest fund managers out there today, Thanks again for the links
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