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  1. No idea. He pops in once every blue moon. Not near as often as he use to which is a shame. He is a great poster.
    I agree with you regarding the lack of decorum for his liberal counterpart! Sometimes I laugh because he is witty but man.....he also can be brutal and mean.
  2. Yeah what ever happened to OldReliable? He was the best when it came to simplifying arguments and maintaining civil discussion. Unfortunately, his liberal counterpart is equally sharp but doesn't exactly share his decorum
  3. Yeah...have been really missing you and OldReliable on the forum for some reasoned alternative perspective. Glad you're back on
  4. Thanks man. I was disconnected for most of summer and just started reading the forum again regularly a couple weeks ago. I'll try to rejoin the game but the econ forum looks pretty desperate these days. I can't think of a single conservative poster that posts there regularly.
  5. Where have you been man! We need more sane Conservative posters in the economics forum.
  6. Ha! Thanks for the numbers. I'll have to check it out.
  7. The BLS report today showed exactly what we were talking about last week. The U6, E-P, and LFPR all improved and "caught up" with U3. All good signs without the headline story behind it. Thought you would be interested.

    PS: I like the symbol change... one small step in the right direction.
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