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  1. Lol... But you're messin' up the covers... Or did you just want in the middle...?

    (alright, that was fun, I'll stop now)

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    Good thing that wood paneling is soooo last year. lol
  3. I looked kind of wide-eyed in a hot-girl sandwich up here... Now who's in the sandwich...?

  4. PMF... I've enjoyed reading your Blog entries. Well done. Be deliberate and keep at it.
  5. Hey GND...

    I'm going to get more involved with this blog thing, more consistent than my 'discussion' phase, but still pretty sparse... Until I feel 'set up', I haven't spent much time reading lately, probably won't spend much time in the discussion area... Snob? Meh... Watch for the First Ever PMF Address, I crust about it there... Thanks for the interest. I enjoy your blog as well... 'Crappification'... Priceless...
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    Are you coming back to post for awhile?
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    Hey finger... where you be? Drop me a line or email me.
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Evil and the Greater Good…

by Pull My Finger on 10-03-11 at 10:54 AM
In reality, for anyone who’s seen a movie, there is no pure good and evil. It’s messy and confusing, not black and white. Telling the ‘good guys’ from the ‘bad guys’ isn’t as easy as noting the color suit they wear or the music you hear when they walk into a room. Most ‘evil’ people don’t seek to do evil. One man’s greater good, will be another man’s greatest evil…

Even Hitler didn’t view himself as evil. How did he brew his soldiers into a genocidal storm across Europe? How did he

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Munchkin Land

Your Own Eyes or Official Sources?

by Pull My Finger on 10-03-11 at 09:06 AM
Who is this?

Follow up: Ditka Says He Won't Run for U.S. Senate-pull-my-finger-albums-blog-entries-picture67116347-mystery-1-jpg

Follow up: Ditka Says He Won't Run for U.S. Senate-pull-my-finger-albums-blog-entries-picture67116348-mystery-2-jpg

Follow up: Ditka Says He Won't Run for U.S. Senate-pull-my-finger-albums-blog-entries-picture67116349-mystery-3-jpg

Follow up: Ditka Says He Won't Run for U.S. Senate-pull-my-finger-albums-blog-entries-picture67116350-mystery-4-jpg

1990 film – ‘King of New York’, starring Christopher Walken.

She’s not listed in the credits, has a small part, I don’t think she even speaks a line in the entire film before she’s killed by the other bad guys. Do a Google search and you will find that

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Semi-Munchkin Land

Funny Thing About the Truth...

by Pull My Finger on 08-27-11 at 04:15 AM
… it can make you feel special, cuddled up to you under the covers on a lazy morning, warm and cozy, secure in each other, proud, never betraying, always there. Then it rips off its mask, ruthlessly points out everything you hate about yourself, knows things you swore you never told it, relentless, cruel, terrifying, insane, tearing you apart until you’re a quivering, sobbing, violated mess…

You may be horrified, but it still feels warm and cozy, secure, never betraying, always there.

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Semi-Munchkin Land

How do You Due?

by Pull My Finger on 08-27-11 at 04:07 AM
I’m not professionally versed in proper and thorough investigations. I do not have a bank account set aside to travel the globe in search of answers. I do not have a special gut, a sixth sense, or the ability to smell bulls**t a mile away. I’m not even that organized a person. As I see it, it just takes loads of curiosity, some skepticism, and a willingness to have your world blown apart, if that’s where the truth leads you. Funny thing about the truth is… it’s more reliable than death and taxes.

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Munchkin Land

No Links for You

by Pull My Finger on 08-27-11 at 03:56 AM
I know I should be including links if I expect anyone to take me seriously here. I don’t think I’ve included a single ‘IMO’ in a single entry. I don’t think I will, either, as I see it. This is more of a joyride, anyway. In Soup-Nazi fashion; no links for you. You need to detox. The info-journey is it.

A few links and an hour aren’t going to prove anything to you anyway – I tried that route. You have to want to give up the pipe. I’m comfortable with my ‘sources’. I’ve probably posted

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