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  1. Yo!
    Inbox cleared, and spamming seems to have been halted.
  2. Cheers...
    When the spamming of my inbox ends, and feel that I can clear it without it filling up again automatically, I’ll let you know, as I don’t know if I can type what I’d like here.
    Friend request accepted a while ago.
    Be well.

  3. That's the funny part...we've said way worse to each other...lolz... Must have been holding my nose wrong or something. Anyway, accept the damn friend request I sent you, ya grumpy loon, I'll rip on ya here, if not in the forum, so long as you promise to do the same. Have a good one, man.
  4. ROTFLOL... Keep you head up when you cross the red line
  5. haha... no worries.

    Just telling you I need to behave on your threads more, no more in trouble for giving you props on one of your threads, apparently they don't understand our special relationship... lolz...
  6. Sorry... have 548 messages, and after deleting them they come back.
  7. Zimmer, empty your inbox, homie!!
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