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  1. Your PM is full so short so this edited version on Paleocon's [Creation]-Science Team

    This creationist xxxx could not get on (the original) Team Science, so is Flooding the Groups with New Science groups.

    Groups - Debate Politics Forums

    he actually had another Sockpuppet group 'Team Science' before the mods Removed it yesterday. And made him change the name of the other 'science team' to 'Paleocons Science group' to avoid confusion he wanted.

    He has PLAGIARIZED/Mocked my Team Science credo (1,2,3) exactly except for changing one word.
    He should be forced to make his own group description, ie
    "This group is for those people who like science, but believe god drives creation, evolution, etc.""

    Now he is Alphabetically Poaching unwitting members from TS; as far as 'M' I see.

    Kindly withdraw from his 'Paleocons science team'. Many now have since I told them the situation.

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