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I like to describe myself as a political analyst. I am not a political activist. I guess the strongest political belief is that I do not believe in Global Warming and/or the solutions modern day politicians have to solve it! This is in no way a religious motive. The solutions to global warming just make no sense to me, and have too much of a political agenda.

That being said, I hate many political groups of which I will list the following from greatest to least:

Paulbots, Libertarians, Conspiracy Theorists, Privacy Activists, Global Warming Eco Freaks, People who act like Vegan is a religion, The Tea Party, Constitutionalists, Atheism Crusaders,political grammar nazis (who cares about the difference between big L and little l.) and people who rally against old laws that are already implemented like Roe V Wade, Citizens United, and the legality of the Supreme Court.
Post-Trump America
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He makes me miss when the establishment GOP were in control of the American Right.


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TechinTV | Blue Bloods Gets Ahead on the Wearable Cameras Debate

by ModerateGOP on 11-25-14 at 10:28 PM
Frank deals with the case of an officer accused of knocking a suspect to the ground, causing a head injury. The officer was wearing a uniform-mounted camera as part of a pilot program, but the camera either malfunctioned or was shut off just prior to the incident. To exonerate the officer, Frank has to convince an unwilling mother in the neighborhood to share a cell phone video that captured what really happened.

Read the rest here:

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Ron Paul Gets Serious:

by ModerateGOP on 06-28-13 at 06:09 PM
While Republicans have known to follow the money ever since the early 1900s, various activist groups have infiltrated the cult of RINOs as Republicans are now often called in Conservative circles.

David and Charles Koch along with other Billionaire financiers, think tanks, conservative foundations, and third party advocates, set out to change the topic of conversation in politics forever during the height of the 2008 elections. After organizing town hall meetings, rallies, press conferences,

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GMO Crops Vandalized in Oregon:

by ModerateGOP on 06-27-13 at 08:45 AM
So how do you explain free market libertarians who are against GMO crops and who cheer these vandals on??? The company lost profit because of these douche-bags idiots!!!

Unreported in the media or the anti-GMO alternative media, On June 8, 2013 1,000 GMO plants were destroyed by a fire. Then three days later these same vandals set fire to 5,500 plants. The incident took place in rural Jackson Oregon. The plants were owned by a Swiss Company Syngenta and they were genetically engineered

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Does Obama Believe in the Ron Paul GOP Conspiracy Theory?

by ModerateGOP on 06-25-13 at 06:33 PM
No. He does not! But don’t tell that to the people over at the DailySheeple. Which is a survivalist Ron Paul worshiping cult website… Over there they have linked a video which shows some subtitles and what their readers apparently believe to be President Obama himself talking about the supposed conspiracy theory that the GOP stole the election from Ron Paul…

No, there is no source, there is no footage of Obama himself. There is no context. Anybody could have created this video! To

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The Michael Hasting "Assassination":

by ModerateGOP on 06-23-13 at 09:54 AM
In the alternate reality of the internet, Michael Hastings’ death may become the next JFK conspiracy theory. Immediately after the death of reporter Michael Hastings the conspiracy theorists thought it was fishy. Preliminary reports say that Michael Hastings died after his car crashed into a tree. While Wikileaks likes to boast that Hastings contacted their lawyer hours before his death this in no way indicates that Hastings was assassinated.

Like clockwork videos appeared on YouTube

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