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  1. LOL, the smaller one on the left in the bottom picture is Rory.

    Max is a big loverboy.
  2. uh, both of those dogs look black to me, lol (Rory and Titan) but wow, they are really beautiful.
    Max has got a face similar to Simba's. he looks huggable. I love Rotties.
  3. Max:

    Rory(the black one) and Titan(who couldn't stay here as he nipped at my niece's face):

  4. wow, that is quite a mixture!
    Here is our Simba. I am totally in love with this dog.
  5. I love Shepherds. My first dog was a German Shepherd named Sadie. We had to get rid of her because of my allergies. It's a good thing I outgrew them. My Rott has a little German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, and Lab.

    My Chow mix has Chow, Bichon Frise, Boston Terrier, Borzoi, Italian Greyhound, and Norwegian Elkhound.
  6. We adopted a german shepherd mix from the pound. He is 6 years old and named Simba. And a real sweetheart.
  7. I have a female chow mix and a male Rottweiler mix. Ages 3 and 16 months old respectively.
  8. I'm better, thank you.
    We have a dog now, too!
  9. I hadn't heard that. I hope you are better now. Take care of yourself.

    I've been busy raising my niece and now I have two dogs.
  10. not too bad...I've gone back to school...can't remember if I told you that before...the stress of working and schooling and mom-ing about killed me.
    I ended up in the hospital for a few days about a month ago and am about to move to S Florida to live with my boyfriend where I can catch a break. Hopefully...wish me luck.
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