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  1. Miss you Lizzie! Come back home!
  2. Hey Lizzie! Lots of unexpected life changes this year but I'm hanging in there! Thanks for your kind words! Hope everything is going well with you too!
  3. Hey hon- just wanted to drop a line to say hi- hope you're well, and that life is good.
  4. Hey man- long time, no see. It's wonderful to see you here.
  5. Thanks- it's great to hear from you as well!
  6. I'm great, thanks for asking. Knee-deep in my doctoral dissertation research, trying to keep my two daughters in line, and simultaneously trying to educate the youth of America................all three........ formidable tasks. Looking for that proverbial light at the tunnel's end.
    It is great to hear from you and I hope you stick around for a while.
  7. Thanks for the condolences. My dad truly was a wonderful man, but he was diagnosed with a primary inoperable brain tumor, so a fairly quick death was a blessing. He would otherwise have been looking at life in a wheelchair, which is the last thing my father would want.

    Yes, jackstress of all trades. Yes, I'm tackling the remodeling myself. I love doing woodwork and construction.

    Hope you're doing well too!
  8. I'm truly sorry to hear about your Dad.
    Sounds like you've had a busy year. Shooting? Remodeling? (Are you tackling the remodel on your own?) Wow. You are a truly a "jack-of-all trades." A real "Renaissance Lady".
  9. Yeah, I haven't posted there for a few months now. The place got too small, lol. Life's been good, except for losing my dad over the summer. I've been doing a guest room remodel, and now have started on my laundry room, and I've been shooting my air rifles. Learning to shoot off-hand 10 meter target- wow what a challenge that's been.
  10. You too lady! I've missed ya. I stopped in on the "other" forum a few times but I suppose I just never got up the nerve to post anything.
    For some silly reason it's hard for me to leave my "comfort zone" here.

    Anyway, nice to see you're still kickin'. I hope everything in life, career, etc. is going wonderful for ya. I also hope to see you around here more often. Thanks for the shout out.
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