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  1. Perhaps a good beer, or a nice cocktail will help too.
    Have a good walk.
  2. I can't!!!! I have an anti-commie compulsion.

    Going to take the pup out for a walk. Maybe that will make me sane!
  3. Lol! As usual, wonderful to hear from you, and for God's sake, ignore the commies!
  4. Merry christmas Lizzie. OMG, the commies are making me cranky today!!!!!!
  5. Thank you. The one thing I can control in my self is my temper. Nobody else can control that. (Sometimes I lose I, but my goal is to be in control at all times.)

    But it really is tempting to be a snarky prick. Thank you for the note.

    I don't get these "property is invalid" types.

    It's always a pleasure to hear from you.
  6. My God man, you have the patience of Job. It's amazing.
  7. Hey- that's so crazy- I was just about to write you too! I've been wondering where you were- I hope you're doing well. Nothing of notoriety around here, which I guess is a good thing.
  8. Hi Lizzie. I haven't been around in forever. Hope all is well with you an yours! :-)
  9. Thanks! Same to you
  10. Merry Christmas Lizzie.

    Tty tomorrow.
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