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  1. The Wizards look to be heading in the right direction... finally ;-) Porter is a Tayshaun Prince clone, although i am not sure he is physically mature enough yet to make an impact this year. Oladipo reminds me of Dwayne Wade, so Orlando got (IMO) the best player in the draft. It will be interesting to see who ends up signing undrafted FA DJ Stephens, as he has the highest maximum vertical reach ever recorded (notched Shaq's 12'5" previous record by 1/2".

    Hopefully Houston has an endless supply of tampons when Dwight signs with them!
  2. I loved the Porter pick. I basically yelled Hallelujah when the Cavs took Bennett number 1, because the talk in Washington was that the front office was split half and half between Porter and Bennett and I'm really not a fan of Bennett. Oladipo is an intriguing player to me because he improved so much from one year to the next you wonder if it's a fluke. I'm surprised Noel dropped so much but personally I think he was a bit overrated and overhyped. I don't think you can be an impactful big in the NBA when you have the weight of a guard.

    We also took Glen Rice Jr. in the 2nd round so I'm anxious to see what he can do. His daddy was lights out.
  3. I'm on my vacation, so that means i get to travel with the fiance while she's on assignment. In the middle of nowhere i might add.

    What did you think of the draft? I was hoping the Bulls could swing a deal that landed them Oladipo Snell is acceptable given their draft position. What do you think about the hometown selection?
  4. Not bad brother. Been working my butt off at the store and still taking classes so I'm exhausted. Yourself?
  5. How's it goin dude
  6. I know right!
  7. hey sorry I missed you in chat last night, maybe next time lol
  8. Didn't watch the game, but I saw that John Lucas lit up the Heat last night and the Bulls won without D-Rose. You must be very proud
  9. You had a cool story to tell me??
  10. Hey bud, I just gotta say you're one of the most knowledgeable and intelligent econ posters around here, so keep it up man I really enjoy and value your insight.

    Were you an econ major or something like that?
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