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Prayer is not a technique of escape from conflict but rather a stimulus to growth in the very face of conflict. Pray only for values, not things; for growth, not for gratification.

Moral convictions based on spiritual enlightenment and rooted in human experience are just as real and certain as mathematical deductions based on physical observations, but on another and higher level.

As you view the world, remember that the black patches of evil which you see, are shown against a white background of ultimate good.

Devote your life to proving that love is the greatest thing in the world.

Love is the ancestor of all spiritual goodness, the essence of the true and the beautiful

Pray for tranquility of spirit and cultivate patience.

Divine love does not merely forgive wrong; but it absorbs and actually destroys it

Families are built upon tolerance, patience and forgiveness

When you once begin to find God in your soul, presently you will begin to discover him in other men's souls and eventually in all the creatures and creations of a mighty universe

You are destined to live a narrow and mean life if you learn to love only those who love you

Never forget there is only one adventure which is more satisfying and thrilling than the attempt to discover the will of the living God, and that is the supreme experience of honestly trying to do that divine will

The two major problems in life are making a temporal living and the achievement of eternal survival. And even the problem of making a living requires a religion for its ideal solution

Too often we engage in a fight merely to convince ourselves that we are not afraid

Even on Urantia, these seraphim teach the everlasting truth: If your own mind does not serve you well, you can exchange it for the mind of Jesus of Nazareth, who always serves you well.

After all, it is what one believes rather than what one knows that determines conduct and dominates personal performances
Urantia Book, Christianity, realpolitik, geopolitics.
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I love her and I love God

by Kelfuma on 11-17-16 at 10:34 PM
I will be her shield and sword
Let me not flinch
Even at the wrath of almighty God.

Death, do not separate us
Together and forever,
Let us walk the ordained path
The staircase to the gates of White and Gold

God, you sent her radiance into my poor life
There and then, I loved her
And there, inside that sweet rose
A smile,
And a sparkle of those bright eyes
A mirror of God.

And I finally

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Updated 11-19-16 at 06:46 AM by Kelfuma

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God has saved me

by Kelfuma on 11-15-16 at 11:46 PM
I will whisk her away towards Paradise
I will be her white knight to carry her towards the destinies of glory.

I will take her away from all the pain and suffering
Never again will she toil in the harsh fields of labor.

I will show her true love
I will erase her longing sorrow
And drench her thirst with the water of true life.

I will fly her high into the sky of grand Heaven,
I will be her angel wings,
Her guiding

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The Election of Donald J. Trump as US President Has Greatly Advanced My Global Agenda

by Kelfuma on 11-09-16 at 08:06 AM
This is most excellent indeed. The formation of the United Earth world government needed one very important ingredient: the precipitation of World War III.

We shall see a stronger China, a stronger Russia, a more aggressive and unstable USA, and a very likely resurgence of strong, independent European nation states (I have been long grieved by the EU's rampant destruction of European values and pride).

World War III is even more imminent now and thus the necessity

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Updated 11-12-16 at 02:21 AM by Kelfuma

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My Dream World

by Kelfuma on 11-07-16 at 07:12 PM
[This is an excerpt from a conversation I had with a friend. I was talking about a coworker I had a crush on]:

I'm a hopeless romantic
I don't love the real girls, I love my own illusions of them
I love the imagination that I created out of them
And that is what I fall in love with
I don't care about the real girls, I care about the new reality I made out of them.

Real girls are boring
They always disappoint, they're always less than

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Updated 11-07-16 at 07:16 PM by Kelfuma

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United Earth High Advisory Council

by Kelfuma on 11-07-16 at 03:06 PM
The UEHAC shall be a body whose role is to advise and offer compromise on international issues. Its mission includes providing constructive reports that open up more opportunities for compromise and further positive development among all participating parties; the UEHAC does not issue rulings or provide conclusive findings. No party is "punished" and no party "gains".

It does not issue commandments that both parties must obey. It does not investigate anything

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Updated 11-08-16 at 11:57 PM by Kelfuma

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