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The peace in middle east israeli/arab conflict …

by johnrommel on 09-28-16 at 01:31 PM
Rami Amer Dabbas '' Lewkowich ''
So it seemed all the Jewish Israelis want peace with the Arab countries and actually want to visit. Only the Arab students are against – many of them support Nasrallah and some said clearly that the majority of Palestinians support Nasrallah (Hezbollah). This is why there will not be peace with the Palestinians until they change their tune.
some said Israel built their country over Palestinian lands ok back to

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Why a burkini ban is not enough!

by johnrommel on 09-28-16 at 12:03 PM
Written by Rami Amer Dabbas ''Lewkowich ''on 3 september 2016.


Imagine yourself on a sunny beach with your kids while
contineously women walk by in a nazi-uniform. You
would feel quite threatenend, wouldn’t you? Especially
when you are a Jew, a Christian, a member of the LBGT-
community, a democrat, a child of a soldier killed in
WOII or a gipsy. National-socialism is the horrible

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Arab hypocrisy and their violations of human rights

by johnrommel on 08-26-16 at 10:47 PM
ladies and gentlemen , someone had been telling me a remarks did against Israel few days ago he is an Arab so i am going to reply to him here saying this : ” darabni w baka sabaqni w eshtaka ” which means” he hit me and he cried , he challenged me and complained” .
OK , we all remember when Hamas kidnapped the three teenagers from Israel years ago when they were back from school the Arab nations rather than make a stand against or with Israel they started criticizing Israel , it started by

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Updated 09-30-16 at 05:46 PM by johnrommel

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