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  1. I knew It was right up your alley/current sentiment.
    I think I posted when it was written several places. None survive.
    I couldn't remember author's name, so I googled 'abu afak brownshirts' and I stumbled on it, tho not in any of my old posts.
    EDIT: I just found one post I made with it from 2005.
  2. Great article and very telling! We see it here on a daily basis.
  3. Hey, thanks man!
  4. Welcome back. Lets hope for the best.
  5. Your line I think.
    Some extraordinary things, at least to my novice eye.
    daylily from rogers_earthworks | eBay
  6. I sure hope things get resolved!
  7. My mailbox is hopelessly full/hundreds since stripped of Platinum membership (recent contribution now in dispute by me)
    So this.
    Pending positive resolution of an infraction I Received! in Galt's first Herzl string ... I am Gone.

    Best, to you and Djoop.
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