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60 Anti-Abortion Arguments Refuted (part 1)

by FutureIncoming on 07-09-12 at 03:27 PM
On Ending The Overall Abortion Debate
A Public Domain Document
(may be freely copied/posted anywhere)

The debate can be won by the pro-choice group. The Internet was scoured to find as many different anti-abortion arguments as possible --be warned, some of them could be called "raw", and not even Religion-based arguments are excluded. [I]The purpose of creating the list was to enable full exposure of [B]all[/B] the flaws in those arguments, because

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60 Anti-Abortion Arguments Refuted (part 2)

by FutureIncoming on 07-09-12 at 03:27 PM
2. "Native American culture mandates that if you kill it, you must eat it. Therefore abortion should be forbidden." BAD LOGIC, because the second sentence does not necessarily follow from the first, which by itself is a variant of the preceding anti-abortion argument, and seems true enough:
[URL="http://www.knowledgesutra.com/discuss/tllit-eating-meat-morally-correct.html/p_2#61592"] knowledgesutra.com/discuss/tllit-eating-meat-morally-correct [/URL]


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60 Anti-Abortion Arguments Refuted (part 3)

by FutureIncoming on 07-09-12 at 03:26 PM
5. "Human life is intrinsically valuable." FALSE, because in actual fact there is no such thing as "intrinsic value". All valuations are associated with "desires" of one sort or another, and different sources of desire lead to different valuations. But an "intrinsic value" is something that would be recognized as such, and equally, by every different source of desire. As an example, a simple microbe might prefer to digest something organic, instead of something

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60 Anti-Abortion Arguments Refuted (part 4)

by FutureIncoming on 07-09-12 at 03:26 PM
8. "Personhood obviously begins at conception because, if you consider the question, 'When did [I]your[/I] life begin?', then where would you be if it had been aborted?" BAD DATA, again --that is, this argument fails because it includes a faulty premise about "life", and confuses it with "personhood".

First, there are different types of "life". There is biological life, of course, but one day in the not-distant future there could be machine-life,

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60 Anti-Abortion Arguments Refuted (part 5)

by FutureIncoming on 07-09-12 at 03:25 PM
(continued from previous post)

However, note that that discovery does not prevent God from deliberately doing something-or-other to the Universe on occasion; all the discovery really means is that, from God's perspective, the Universe is much like a stage play (Shakespeare was right!), with lots of total randomness built into it to make it interesting (mostly via the Free Wills of intelligent beings), and God [I]could[/I] just sit back and enjoy the show, if that was all God wanted

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