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  1. Thanks....
  2. is your wife okay. i hope that she is. Mia is in Jerusalem i will call her as she would add your wife to her prayer list for the Wall. i am sorry to here you are having a tough moment. i will keep you in my thoughts as we move. hugzzzz

    just hang in there.
  3. Eh, wife got hurt on Friday. She passed out and fell in the kitchen. Kid has been sick for a month. I'm so over it. I have to write a dissertation with no motivation and I'm tired as hell. I'm not in good spirits to say the least.

    I hope your move goes well.
  4. we are so on the same page about this. i thought that that post would interest you. i thank you for your always welcome input. How have you been? i hope you are doing great.

    Mia and i are moving to South Afrika on Friday and Saturday. i am not sure when we will arrive. i'll probably be off line for a while as we settle in.
  5. Great post Katie. I think the military is always up to no good and needs to be monitored big time. I'm a pacifist. I wish we could dismantle the military industrial complex and simply work with a minimal military for direct land protection like our boarders.
  6. let me know what you think of this post thanks

    hope you are well. How are things going?
  7. i miss Inferno as well. a big mushy hug for you.
  8. she had a special place in her heart for you. we are getting over the loss. it will take time. i think after the first week we all were thinking that this was very bad. i do so thank you for the love you shared in your posts. Katie and Alice.
  9. You bet Katie. Tell Alice I am praying for her and am sad for her loss. I wish I could have met Del in person. I am a future professor and she was so kind to me.
  10. thank you for these words. may the road always rise to meet you may it always be soft under your feet and may the passion of your journey stand up and be noticed. Love and hugzzzz Alice (Del's wife) and Katie
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