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When we actually agree on something...

by FFDP666 on 12-13-11 at 12:35 PM
I know a lot of these debates can get pretty heated sometimes and of course its important to remember to be civil and all that stuff, but then again thats part of the fun sometimes isn't? Being a little sarcastic to prove a point. But my main point is, what do we actually agree on? I know each individual holds his or her own stance on every issue, but for the most part people fall into the two big political categories, Conservative or Liberal. And it seems on every single issue, one has to take

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Discovering the world of being a "Political Junkie"

by FFDP666 on 12-10-11 at 12:09 AM
So, sometimes I go out for a fun night with my buds, but I notice, when the conversation goes towards sports, I stay very quiet. I know nothing about sports, thus, the quiet part. But then I got to thinking, Politics and Current Event Issues ARE my sports. The best example I can think of : You know when you walk into work and then someone else comes in saying "yo did you see that game last night etc etc" well for me it would be like "yo did you see that political debate last night,

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