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My parents graduated from Michigan State University and went into teaching, Dad, ninth grade science and Mom speech pathology, they called them speech therapists then, in Marinette, Wisconsin. We had three acres on the river with a nice hill for tobogganing. Fortunately, the neighbor kids and I had good sense not to ride that hill in our wagons. We had to settle for smaller hills in the neighborhood. We had every sort of animal, pheasants, rabbits, pigeons, turkeys, ducks, geese, snakes, goat, gerbils, goat, owl,dog, crayfish and we hunted chipmunks with our bb guns.

Mom, Dad and the kids got Saved and went into Amway and then we moved to the family homestead into the log Cabin addition house where Dad built a sixteen by twenty living room, bath room and back porch. This was by fifth grade. The family homestead was on forty acres with a trout stream.

We spent many hours fishing that crick and others that run into a river and hiking in the woods I had dreams of at our earlier residence and bird hunting in the fall but I only ever shot one partridge although I shot at many.

In sixth grade Mom and Dad went into the Ministry Child Evangelism Fellowship training six weeks in the lower peninsula and then to a town in the central UP. Every summer we went to teen training camps two weeks and then off across the UP giving five day clubs, vacation Bible schools and working fairs with our trailer the golden road express where you could hear the story of the wordless book with pictures.

By eighth grade we moved back to the homestead continuing in CEF, by tenth grade we had a church school and then the church split. I wasnít getting answers so I took my Jesus and went back to the public school where I played guitar in the jazz band, sang in the choir, swing choir and madrigals.

At Michigan State University I continued in music taking classical guitar lessons, jazz improvisation and music theory classes. I also took religious studies classes and met some Hare Krishna devotees in an Eastern Religions class.

I had held jobs; refinishing furniture since eighth grade, one summer renovating apartments in Chicago (otherwise it was teen training camp) and opening our K-Mart. In college I worked at a K-Mart near MSU, and doing telemarketing and carpentry in a lab.

Dad got a bulldozer, a tractor, our sears sixteen horse and our trailer and was making firewood thinning for land companies.

The summer after my sophomore year of College I learned of the late John Whitman Ray's Health and the Human Mind seminars being held on Maui. The man who introduced me had broken his neck and the doctors told him they would have to re-break it and they couldnít guarantee this would fix it and then he heard about the seminars, although he didnít go to Maui like I did.

In one two hour session he had eighty-nine per-cent of the movement in his neck restored.

I played sports in school. In eighth grade football we won among five middle schools, in ninth grade I pole vaulted eleven feet in practice but never made starting height (9í-6Ē) in a meet. In the Church School I won a meet with 11í-6Ē but it didnít count because I didnít belong to any team. I was practicing with a nearby high school.

In tenth grade a couple of us were throwing baskets in the basement of the Church. We would run across the gym, jump against the wall and stuff the ball in the basket. I did it too many times and my back went into excruciating pain. No more pole vaulting. No more slouching either, slouching meant pain, bad pain, so never slouch.

Now hereís these seminars and this manís philosophy answered many questions so I bought some nutrients and headed back to school fall term to sell my fender twin, es 335, classical, sm 58s, teac 124, record albums and head to Maui and attend seminars and head cook the next January.

On Maui I worked for a restaurant, a bakery and a Pizza Hut, besides the seminars where I was head cook.

Since then I have gone mad, spent fifteen years on the beach, grew numerous gardens, got hired at thirty places, drove taxi, spent time with the Hare Krishnas, visited other temples and ate plenty of vitamins.

I've been back from the islands since two-thousand-three offering a yard work/handyman/lawn mowing service with and without vehicle, but now I only mow a neighbors lawn. I went through a dozen jobs upon getting home. Presently (2020), for five years; I walk one-point-seven miles to prep and dish wash to pay back SSI and food stamps. I tip my rides and sometimes take the blue bus. I am trying to sell some patent ideas, write science fiction and beg for my families homestead which I can only have with resources.
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