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  1. I've been pretty good man. Just graduated last week and I've been pumping out job applications. What anime have you been watching?
  2. Sorry for a late reply! I've been good, just finished with my second year of pharmacy school and I'm mainly hunting around for jobs and gaming/anime. How have you been?
  3. Hey man! How've you been?
  4. It's an apocalyptic type anime. Humanity has essentially walled themselves up to protect themselves from giant humanoid creatures called titans that eat/destroy people. I'll send you a link to it in a PM. I'm also reviewing the debate between you and X.
  5. Thanks man! I did really well. Hmmm, what it Attack on Titan about?

    Thanks dude. This is gonna be a fun debate. (It should be the most recent posts.)
  6. Congratulations! Good luck on your final final! And right now I'm watching a few series. I'm watching Railgun, Attack on Titan (which is AMAZING), Arata the Legend, Devil Survivor 2, Gargantia, and Oreimo.

    And I can create a thread for the both of you. I'll review the Classifieds thread and send you both a PM before creating the thread.
  7. I am doing well. I have one more final to go and then summer begins Watching any good anime?

    Also, X Factor and I would like to do a True Debate. We have already agreed upon the topic and the formatting. Can you hook us up?
  8. I guess I could say life is going haha. I've had a few bumps in the road recently but I'm still driving. How are you?
  9. Yo. How goes life homie?
  10. I'm watching the first Tenchi Muyo ova series. I remember it being on TV as a kid and loved it. I recently found it on Hulu and have been watching it. I also watched a little bit of Blood C.
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