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    I hope you have a Happy New Year, Bum!

  2. LOL....Santa Twerking; now I have seen it all.

    Wishing you and yours a safe and warm Christmas and a Happy New Year, little Miss.
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    Merry Christmas!

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Bums guide to dating

by Bum on 09-29-17 at 03:00 AM
Dating or the social scene has never been a skill of mine; between a life in the Armed Forces which bounced me around the globe, and a genetic inability to be anything but awkward and clumsy in the presence of the opposite sex, I was relegated to the occasional “blind date” set up by my fellow soldiers of their wives.

Well, that changed one day many years back when the Bum was a bit younger; I had spent my career thus far as a combat medic going wherever the Light Infantry ( never

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The Land of Afghans

by Bum on 09-26-17 at 05:06 AM
When I am asked “what’s Afghanistan like”, I need to pause for a moment; It seem like a pretty simple question, yet the answer is anything but.

First, you need to understand that Afghanistan isn’t a nation in the way we think of a nation; Afghanistan has only existed as a nation “on paper” since the early 1900’s…..and the notion of a National Identity is fairly weak by western standards. Afghan identity is strongly rooted in tribal affiliation…..Imagine asking someone from the US

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Adventures in contracting.

by Bum on 09-25-17 at 07:52 AM
I am often asked by friends and extended family, "What's it really like over there?".

Well, honestly, its mostly pretty mundane; I mean day today activities revolve around training, After action reviews, course review and adjustments, and dealing with students.

Now, to be fair, there are days and moments that you simply cannot make up in Hollywood; moments that make you scratch your head and rethink your life choices that led you to this point, and wonder

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Days end.

by Bum on 09-23-17 at 09:33 AM
Saturday....first day of the work week here; Sometimes I can equate Saturday here to a really long weekend frat party.....people barely move on the day after the "weekend", if you want to call half of Thursday and Friday a weekend.
Went to get the interpreters at the front gate this morning at 07:30.....they finally stumbled in at 08:15. Excuse? "My phone alarm went off late" M'kay....don't let it happen again ( same excuse every Saturday ). I am strongly

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Time warp

by Bum on 09-23-17 at 04:38 AM
I usually write ( as I posted in a thread ) when I am away from my family, which is quite often.
I used to frequent another forum, but I kind of drifted from it...no real reason...just wanted to wander around the net.
Anyway...I have been over he again for a few months away fro my family, and while I usually write on a word doc, print and file, I have decided to try this route.
More to follow....just wanted to get a start on it.
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