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Help fight Zika, TB, HIV/AIDs and water pollution by donating your CPU's excess processing time to scientific research.
A self-serving billionaire engaging in historically massive personal corruption #NotMyPresident


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World Community Grid - What is it?

by brothern on 04-20-16 at 11:01 PM
A couple of weeks ago I put the following into my signature:

Browse the internet and help fight cancer, HIV/AIDs and water pollution by donating your CPU's excess processing time to basic scientific research.

It's a little non-specific as to what I'm talking about, so I thought I write up an explanation.

Grid computing is a form of computation. Unlike conventional computing that uses only one machine; grid computing uses multiple resources from many

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Does anyone BOINC?

by brothern on 11-13-14 at 10:21 PM
BOINC is open source software used for grid computing. The gist of it is that you download project specific software, and a research team will send large "work units" to your computer or phone to process using your idle processing power. It's a huge application that is used (most famously) for SETI@Home which searches through radio telescope data for abnormal non-"noise" signals that may indicate intelligent life.

I run another platform called World Community Grid

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No Prayer November

by brothern on 11-02-14 at 05:40 PM
For others November is "No Shave November," the month in which you do not shave for an entire month. It's generally associated with fundraising for men's health issues like prostate cancer. Unfortunately I'm not much of a fan of facial hair, nor am I very much willing to give to cancer charities as opposed to charities associated with underfunded diseases. Furthermore it seems to be a rather "laid back" campaign whereby you don't DO much outside of letting your facial hair grow.

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Why I oppose capital punishment

by brothern on 03-21-14 at 12:39 AM
1. However framed, capital punishment is an act of homocide. It is a simple demonstration of how viciously polluted the human mind is with violence. It is despicable that anyone wants our concept of justice to remain one of bloody revenge, which is deprived of all admirable emotions that makes humanity human. "What says the law? Not to kill. How does it say it? By killing."

2. The application of capital punishment is seemingly arbitrary. Rarely does it have anything to do

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You'd never see a drunk Ghost

by brothern on 11-01-13 at 12:03 PM
You’d never see a Ghost drunk at a bar. Don’t you know that Ghosts hang out in dark places and creaky old buildings? They’d never hang out in the daylight, on beaches, at ice cream shops or any place with a video camera.

Little children, nuns, old men, deformed crazies and murdered beautiful women are always haunting us from the afterlife. Butchers, bakers, candle-stick makers and tired, middle-aged accountants with achy joints need not apply to the position of Ghost.

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