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  1. Oh my! I hope you will get riding again ASAP. I was thinking of starting some kind of cycling thread, wether it's the races or the sport itself.
  2. Hello. No, I don't know any other cycling fans, other than Diavo Miavo, who hasn't been seen here for awhile. I'm afraid, I haven't posted here in so long that I can't remember who is who. I experienced a medical emergency before Christmas, a blood clot which caused me to have a pulmonary embolism. Since I am on blood thinners, I have been warned to stay off the road on a bike, because if I crash, and receive a head injury, I'm toast. I am now running and lifting weights, and my cycling is being done indoors on a trainer, until I can get off blood thinners.

    You might want to start a thread on the physical fitness forum concerning cycling. I know that Reverend Hellhound has broached some interest into getting into cycling since he just purchased an old classic bike. He is a jock and does just about everything, Jujitsu, hockey, motorcycle racing. You should be able to find some like minded individuals.

    Stay healthy and keep the rubber side down.
  3. Do you know any other cycling fan on here?
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