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Update: Bredesen Polling Average Moves TN race to Lean Democratic

by bbert1994 on 07-16-18 at 10:54 PM
A simple Yes or No with a short explanation.-tn-jpg
NOTE: I use a variety of mathematical and statistical models using past data, demographics, voter statistics etc. using government data and official voter rolls to determine electorate patterns. No forecasts use bias. Polling firm ratings compliments and credits of FiveThirtyEight.

Former TN Gov. Phil Bredesen has led in every public poll since 2018 polling began. I am moving this to Leans Democratic due to polling margins being within the threshold.

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Senate prediction update: 4 states move left; tx moves right

by bbert1994 on 07-10-18 at 10:05 PM
A simple Yes or No with a short explanation.-senaterating-jpg

As an update to my last posting:

I have moved the following,

PENNSYLVANIA - Casey - Likely Dem to Safe Dem
OHIO - Brown - Lean Dem to Likely Dem
WISCONSIN - Baldwin - Lean Dem to Likely Dem
WEST VIRGINIA - Manchin - Tossup to Leans Dem
TEXAS - Cruz - Lean Rep to Likely Rep

The main reason for shifts in these races are due to an abundance of new polling. PA's race shows incumbent

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Why was it OK to let Merrick Garland's judicial consideration expire but push Kavanaugh through?

by bbert1994 on 07-10-18 at 09:42 PM
Mitch McConnell is asking Democratic members of Congress to treat Brett Kavanaugh "FAIRLY." OK, so you are saying it is alright to PURPOSELY let a nomination expire without ANY consideration for Judge Merrick Garland, but they are supposed to treat Kavanaugh fairly... Please, let the hypocrisy run its course. It is truly sad that we cannot have another Justice Kennedy in the mix. He interpreted the law putting his personal opinions aside for the good of the American people. Unfortunately,

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The Nobel Committee would be making a mistake by giving Trump the Peace Prize

by bbert1994 on 05-02-18 at 10:56 PM

This is not to discredit the U.S. interests in enhancing diplomatic ties between the Korea's, but for people to say its time to nominate Donald Trump for the prize? Seriously? It hasn't been more than a week since North and South Korea met for their summit and Republican's in the House are already nominating him for the prize. It's mind boggling. But I have a theory behind this. The GOP controlled Congress realizes Trump has no major accomplishments, but having won a peace prize, it would

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There is only one way for the GOP to salvage itself: choose another candidate in 2020

by bbert1994 on 04-29-18 at 11:00 PM

As a former member of the Republican Party, I have two words of advise for them in 2020... dump Trump. He is the reason I left the party in the first place, and I thought to myself, maybe the rest of the party will finally realize this man is a complete fool and support someone else in the 2020 race. But the complete opposite is happening and they will wish they hadn't done that.

Though it's a long way away, there are numerous statistics showing a decline in the opinion of

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