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  1. Good to hear! Thanks. Made a new blog post today. Its long, but you might like it
  2. Howdy! Doin' ok. Like your new avatar.
  3. Hey Barb. How goes it?
  4. Thanks Son,
    That was very sweet of you.

  5. Happy Mother's Day
  6. Hey. How goes it in Texas? Doing anything fun for Cinco de Mayo? :3
  7. Paul over Obama?
    I don't think I did the poll.
    However, I'd choose Paul for sure. Did you even need to ask?
    I like him for the most part. He just seems a little Kooky is all.
  8. So, I'm assuming you voted Ron Paul in the Ron Paul VS Obama poll thread, no?
  9. Yet Kucinich is a really cool dude
  10. Kucinich AND Awesome? Sorry, something doesn't compute.
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