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  1. "I am not a Zef. I am a human being."

    —John Hurt, ultrasound recording at 14 weeks, July 1939

  2. To Wan

    A once-maligned woman was Wan,
    twice-practiced at putting jerks on;
    Took the in-crowd to school:
    bully, blowhard and fool—
    kicks ass hither, thither and yon.

    naW oT

  3. Moppet Eschatology

    Preparing to address the UN General Assembly on Last Things


  4. Your perseverating posts on religious hypocrisy remind those of us of literary bent of the climactic moment in Comrade's classic sea story in which the somniloquent utterances of the titular character disclose the nature of the beast to an astonished crew. Did you have that character and scene in mind while posting, I wonder? Have you read the story? The resonance is uncanny!

  5. Aesop's Last Fable

    The Dove & The Skank

    A Dove sat high in a baobab tree, her pure white plumage shining in the sun, the glory of the world.

    At the base of the tree a wild savannah Skank, twerking in the twilight of the world,
    mocked and jeered at everything pure and clean on God's green earth.

    A passing caravan of Lemmings, in search of a Cliff but drawn to the tree by the Skank's noisy shenanigans,
    mocked and jeered at the beautiful Dove on high,
    and yet before nightfall they would all be swimming to Lemuria once again, every last one of them.

    Sure there's no accounting for taste, but herd taste is of no account whatsoever.

  6. The experience of the person I am in the world—my consciousness, my life, and the physical world in which my conscious life appears to be set—these phenomena comprise a Stupendous Given. There's no getting around them and no getting outside them and no accounting for them from within the phenomena themselves. These phenomena point to something beyond themselves. The attempt to account for these phenomena from within the phenomena themselves has given rise to science, art and religion and the whole cultural adventure we call "civilization"—the long human struggle for purchase on the Stupendous Given. In the end, however, the only account that accords with reason is the account that infers to a Stupendous Giver. In sum, from the existence of consciousness, the existence of life, and the existence of the physical universe, the inference to the best explanation is God.

    Do you recognize this man?

    This is what atheism looked like not so long ago.


    And get a load of the New Atheism:

    "Quick, send in the clowns...
    Don't bother, they're here."
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"I'm not 100% sure that you and I exist, but I'm surer that God exists than that you exist, and I'm as sure God exists as I am that I exist."
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And Then Some (More)

by Angel on 11-11-19 at 04:04 PM

Praying Mantis

I saw one once
when I was a child
on top of a retaining wall
outside our country house
one summer day

It would have been easy to catch, I thought
but I didn't try to catch it

I just looked at it
a long while
a little frightened of it
and then called my father over

He told me what it was
the wondrous name

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Updated 11-22-19 at 11:27 AM by Angel

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And Then Some

by Angel on 11-08-19 at 02:02 AM

The Flies
After William Blake

I love you little guys,
My lowly little houseflies—
the life in you,
the life in me
Touches on the one great mystery

How clever the idea and wise
To couch a mystery in such a guise—
the life in you
the life in me
Converges on eternity

Take wing, my scrappy kitchen flies,
Take wing!

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Updated 11-14-19 at 01:05 PM by Angel

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Next To Last Things

by Angel on 01-04-19 at 07:22 AM

On the Uptown 6

Always one's sense of humanity—

on a NYC local train

until it passes beyond the midtown express stations

the hub stations where many get off

and every car jam-packed with people of every description

and most of them strangers

all heading in the same direction for ten or twenty minutes


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Updated 09-13-19 at 03:07 PM by Angel

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Tip Jar Redux

by Angel on 12-18-18 at 07:15 PM
Continued from:

Pharisees on Hollywood and Vine

So the other day I run into this Old Yank Boomer I know, nice guy, always liked him,

and he gets his panties in a twist about a movie I said I liked—

I mean, he's having a calf over this, making a scene right there on the street in broad daylight!

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Updated 09-13-19 at 05:08 PM by Angel

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On the Way to the Forum 6

by Angel on 11-28-18 at 05:38 AM
Continued from

Who is the third who walks always beside you?
When I count, there are only you and I together
But when I look ahead up the white road
There is always another one walking beside you
Gliding wrapt in a brown mantle, hooded
I do not know whether a man or a woman

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Updated 09-15-19 at 04:24 PM by Angel

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