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Thread: Middle finger protected by the constitution - US court

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    Re: Middle finger protected by the constitution - US court

    Quote Originally Posted by WillyPete View Post
    Excellent use of the court's resources, settling the big issues of the day.
    actually it is a huge issue. cops should never be allowed to be vindictive. if they can't handle someone giving them the finger
    than they shouldn't be cops.

    now this opens up the cop and the city to a civil rights law suit. cops and cities have been losing thousands of dollars over
    these types of suits.

    why? because cops are not trained to defend and protect the constitution anymore.
    facts don't care about your feelings.

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    Re: Middle finger protected by the constitution - US court

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Person View Post
    My wife once flicked off a driver who had been tailgating us on a highway. The moment that happened, on came the blue lights. That cop can accurately be named "pig." He comes up to the window screaming bloody murder, writes a ticket for supposed left lane violation and impeding an officer (as if he'd had his lights on the whole time). Disgusting lying pig.

    But the magistrate recognized his name and dismissed the ticket simply because he is a known asshole.

    I'd advised her to focus her argument on the fact that this idiot actually wrote on the ticket "(flicked me off)" after the supposed violations that never happened. But she didn't have to.

    Protect and serve my ass. Maybe that's the way it was sixty years ago (I have my doubts), but that's not how they're trained these days. These days, they seem to hit the street with the idea that they can do whatever they please, for any reason, and that shooting people dead is a perfectly good response to feeling like their authority wasn't sufficiently respected.

    If someone breaks into my house, I'm handling it myself. Either I'll be in a position to leave the perp trussed up outside my front door for them to pick up, or I'll be dead. I'm not having trigger-happy cops burst into my house guns blazing. I don't trust the police.
    If I recall it correctly, the shortest training period that is required to become a fully-fledged, gun-totin', siren-blarin', han'cus'-wielding, police officer in the United States of America is 9 weeks. BCT in the US Army is 10 weeks, at the end of which the recruit is considered "trained enough to be trained to do their job". RCMP basic training is 26 weeks (followed by a stretch of OJT [followed by a further stretch of "school training]). To become a member of the Ontaria Provincial Police, the initial training period is 24 weeks.

    Of course, if you want to be a fully-fledged, gun-totin', siren-blarin', han'cus'-wielding, SHERIFF, then you don't need any training at all (just a whole lot of family and friends who will vote for you [because they like you better'n "Billy Bob"]).
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