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Thread: Use Of Force Continuum

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    Re: Use Of Force Continuum

    There is a legal convention called Disparity of Force which comes into play.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bucky View Post
    I have felt pain when I was in the womb. So when you say they are incapable of feeling pain, that is based on junk science.
    Quote Originally Posted by applejuicefool View Post
    A murderer putting a bullet through someone's brain is a medical procedure too.

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    Re: Use Of Force Continuum

    So lets say a grown man roughly my size starts a fight with me and he somehow gets physical with me. I fight back, I punch him once and knock him out and since he's lying there incapacitated he's no longer coming at me and so I stop. Self defense should be valid in this case, I stopped when he stopped and I did not use excessive force. He's a grown man, Im a grown man. He used his bare hands, I used my bare hands. Had he been a woman or a small child or if I had used a weapon than there might be problems but a grown man = a grown man and bare hands = bare hands so I shouldn't get in trouble in a situation such as this.

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    Re: Use Of Force Continuum

    Quote Originally Posted by DebateChallenge View Post
    When dealing with a threat or an assailant, you can use reasonable force in self defense. Once you've neutralized the threat you can't keep beating your assailant as that would no longer be a case of self defense. But aside from that from what I know there is also the continuum of force where you can't use more force than what is necessary to stop the threat, of course that is a very gray area. Its obvious that you can't shoot a small child who takes a slap at you and call it self defense but lets say a grown man roughly my size is coming at me with his bare hands. I fight back and I don't use any weapons and I stop him and I do not continue the use of force after I've stopped him. In that situation I shouldn't get in trouble since a grown man should be equal to another grown man of roughly the same size and bare hands should be equal to bare hands. Had I used a weapon that might be seen as excessive and taking it to the next level but if I don't use any weapons and I stop when he stops I don't see why there should be any problems with that.

    Ok. I have a concealed carry license. My training was given to me by a Local Deputy ( Now deceased ) - whom lived in the county east of me, himself a former Marine. He was a National Rifle Association certified Concealed Carry Instructor.

    1) The bad guy, or threat - does not have to have a gun.....OR WEAPON to get shot.

    2) This is very important === Laws involving self defense / fighting / shootings....... vary from state to state. Prosecutors , District Attorneys .....also vary from personality to personality. One Prosecutors justifiable homicide ( Where I'm From = "The killing of a person in order to prevent a felony" ) another Prosecutors Grand Jury case. Simple solution......"Act stupid". Brave in the parking lot at your local convenience store...where you got into a fight --- But dumber than hell and ignorant in front of the Prosecutor. Let the Prosecutor / District Attorney believe that you are dumber than dirt ' compliment them quietly -- by acting like you have a eighth grade education.....and they are all smart. Camouflage yourself personality and attitude wise.

    3) If it looks like a bad area you are going to or are visiting , it probably is. Turn around and leave. Avoidance is the best procedure. If you have a right to be where you are, a need to be where you are and
    someone starts a physical confrontation ---- Kick their *ss.

    4) If you carry concealed ---- have a good defense lawyer in mind, in case you need them.

    5) Think ahead and plan ahead.

    Major Lambda
    "Time discovers truth"

    ---- Seneca the Younger

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