Under the Castroit regime Cubans have experienced the deterioration of practically all health indicators, from sanitation to housing. The increase in infectious diseases in the island like dengue, cholera, leptospirosis (rat fever) and other viruses, does not correlate with the life-expectancy statistics of the regime.

Life expectancy at birth in Cuba:

1931: 43.8 years, among the best in the world. See Chart. http://migratio.cesga.es/article.php3?id_article=41

1957: 64.2 years, 32th in the world. See Table 1.http://www.ascecuba.org/c/wp-content...22-stusser.pdf

2014: 78.22 years, 59th in the world. (https://www.cia.gov/library/publicat.../2102rank.html)

In Latin America these countries rank above Cuba: Puerto Rico 48th; Chile 52nd; Panama 56th, and Costa Rica 58th.

The life expectancy ranking of Cuba under Castroism had slip backwards. Seems that the so call “experts” missed those statistics.