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The USSR had seized Estonia, Lativa, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Central Asia, Mongolia, had briefly seized Hungary, and funded the revolution attempts against Germany, plus they were planning on invading Finland in November.

All of the above hadn't merited intervention apparently. This is why many in the UK seriously questioned just what the hell their government was up to ignoring the preceding 20 years of Soviet conquest in Europe, while taking the country into war over just half of Poland.
Your being disingenuous. You know that you are mixing time periods and political conditions that have no bearing on choices made in 1939 to stop Hilter and German conquest of Europe. Carping about Georgia (controlled by Russia long before the Revolution) or Belarus (already a historic area incorporated into Russia) is immaterial to the situation in 1939.

The French and the British had repeatedly warned Hitler to cease his violations of the Versailles treaty. While the Soviet Union was threatening, Germany's promity to the Anglo-French and experience of WWI made opposition to Germany more urgent as well as practical.

Quit whining about 'poor Hilter'. Your getting sickening.